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What’s your ‘thing’?

That thing – your unique gift, your flair.

That thing you can happily spend all day doing, or do with your eyes closed.

Each of us has a special skill, our own personal superpower that we’re particularly amazing at.

Yours may be in the traditional creative fields such as writing, drawing, playing music, performing, photography, design, etc.

Or it may be the hobbies you’re drawn to in your free-time; cooking, baking, inventing, decorating, gardening, crafting, or dancing.

(Or a spectacular combo of these!)

These are all creative outlets, activities we enjoy purely because they express our inherent creative urge.

Or your talents may be a little less obvious.

Perhaps you’re a great listener or peace-keeper, an amazing parent or friend.

Maybe it’s within your day-job – running a business is a highly creative pursuit, as is taking care of a family and home.

Many jobs involve innovative thinking, idea-generating, and solution-finding.

This is your creative self in action.

But why is it worth taking the time to identify when and where you shine?

Well, allow me to offer you…

4 happy benefits of knowing and doing your thing

 4 happy benefits of knowing (and doing) your thing

1. More creative time

Once we’ve identified our thing – and how important it is – it becomes more obvious that we should make time for it.

For example, if you dismiss your love of food or fashion as just a whim, it’s very easy to let it get shuffled down the never-ending To Do list.

But when you see just how vital this activity is – for your wellbeing and enjoyment of life – you’re far more likely to make the time for it.

When we know how much it matters, we find a way.

• • • 

2. Creative wellness

Expressing our unique talents is good for us.

Science is increasingly revealing how creative expression can be therapeutic on many levels.

Dr Cathy Malchiodi, art therapist and author of The Soul’s Palette: Drawing on Art’s Transformative Powers for Health and Well-being suggests that,

“making art…
may be as important to your health
as balanced nutrition, regular exercise,
or meditation.”

• • • 

3. Boosting inner calm & confidence

As we express our creative selves, we cultivate a sense of inner calm and confidence, or as I’ve come to call it: calmfidence.

When we spend time in our particular zones of genius, we feel good about ourselves – we walk taller.

And, as a happy side-effect, we look better too. (Confidence is highly attractive.)

• • • 

4. Happiness & humanity

Creative expression is a powerful marker for happiness, and when we feel fulfilled and happy, we’re naturally more generous, tolerant and forgiving.

Indulging in our chosen pursuits makes us feel good, and that good feeling is contagious.

Pursuing our thing is actually a great gift to our families, friends, and communities.

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So, I heartily encourage you to find – and do – your thing.

Even just a short time spent expressing your unique brilliance can make a positive difference to your day.

If you do it regularly, it can foster an upward spiral of benefits that shapes your whole life.

And like the proverbial butterfly flapping its wings – the ripple effects can reach far and wide.

(Can you imagine a world where everyone does more of what they love to do? Maybe we could paint, bake or fox-trot our way to world peace…)

So, to enjoy more of the lovely benefits of expressing your creativity;

Do that thing that lights you up and makes you feel like you’ve found your groove in the world.

Do it for your health.

Do it for your family.

Do it for the good of the planet.

Do it purely because you love to do it.

Do your thing.

It’s what you’re here for.

Hi! I'm Danielle.

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