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It’s only Christmas.

It’s only Christmas.

It's Christmas. Again.  Do you remember when you were little, and it used to feel like an absolute age before Christmas came round again? Now, though, the years tend to fly by a little quicker. Christmas seems to reappear ever faster. But then, it is a yearly event...

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Book extract: Dust, vacuum…. create?

"Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. " ~ Virginia Woolf The results of housework are all too fleeting. You spend your time performing boring tasks and before long, they need doing again. There’s not much scope...

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Up. The antidote to down.

RePost from my first blog: Make Peace with Housework - for any creatives with a house to keep... • • • With apologies to Shakespeare: Housework is neither good nor bad, but feeling makes it so.  When housework blues are a problem, the source of our angst is not the...

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Easy is good.

Or Life Lessons From My Garden. After a few weeks of admiring the fruitful bounty of my plum tree, I decided that today was harvest time. (Much to the dismay of the slugs who have been gorging themselves silly with the dropping fruit...). So, armed with my...

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Oh, to be happy at home…

        "To be happy at home is the result of all ambition." Samuel Johnson           (Extract from Housework Blues - A Survival Guide)  [pinit] Throughout this book, I've tried to convince you of the many valid and compelling reasons to tackle your housework - how...

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The dark side of kindness

Kindness, charity, generosity - all virtues. All good things to aim for, in a bid to be a valuable and worthy (and likeable) member of the human race.  But is it possible to overdo it? Can we give too much?  However much we may resist it, the female of the species is...

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Housework? Give me strength.

I recently took the Strengthsfinder test. (I'm planning a little reinvention.... watch this space!) I don't know if you've heard of Strengthsfinder but if you're at all interested in discovering why you are the way you are and why you do the things you do, I highy...

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