Introducing… Heaven Hall

My Vision & Legacy-in-progress

Introducing Heaven Hall vision and legacy in progress

Big Dreams – to share, or not to share…?

When I work 1:1 with my coaching clients, they bravely share with me their most heartfelt visions, cherished goals and long-held dreams.

Some are inspiring in their simplicity, others are brave and bold and BIG!

But whatever the size or scope (and I LOVE the variety), all of these deeply held visions are beautiful in their own way, and I’m always deeply honoured to be trusted to be a part of their fruition.

Because, it’s no small thing – to share our innermost desires.

And, as with most things, the advice on sharing our goals varies…

3 ways to share our big dreams and soul goals


Some say we should tell the world our goals. Name them and claim them as publicly as possible – hold ourselves accountable.

I know this works a treat for many personality types, and I admire their courage and determination. For me, though, this strategy has too much potential for provoking force and inducing anxiety – both of which contradict my commitment to enjoying the journey.


Others say don’t tell a soul, just show them the end result.

This option certainly appeals to my more introverted tendencies, and I can see the motivating value of this secret fuel.

But this solitary route misses out on the connections and collaborations that could accelerate the process, as well as making the journey towards it more of a joyful joint venture. 


The third option for nurturing a heartfelt dream is to share it only with like-minded people – those who get you and know where you’re coming from.

Kind kindred spirits who will likely support and encourage you, who will cheer you on and provide much-needed boosts and pick-me-ups when the road towards the goal gets bumpy. (Which they tend to do.)

“Treat your dharma like a precious newborn and only show it to those who can hold space for it.

~ Sahara Rose

It’s in the spirit of the latter option that I’m sharing with you a vision for my work and life that has been percolating in my mind and heart for a number of years.

In honour of my brave clients, and in the spirit of boldness and bravery that I like to inspire with my coaching, I’d like to share my Big Dream, a vision which has – until recently – been kept between me and the pages of my journal…

introducing heaven hall desktop vision board

Introducing… Heaven Hall

The image above is the view I see every day, and front and centre is my digital vision board – the desktop image on my computer. 

The picture is one of many screensavers of beautiful stately homes and country estates (this one is Luton Hoo Hotel in southeast England). As an architecture lover, these properties are inspiring in their own right, especially when photographed beautifully from their picturesque gardens. 

But these buildings have a special meaning for me, because I have a vision that one day… I will own one. 

This is my Big Dream – to, somehow, acquire an exquisite stately home estate and turn it into a luxury creativity & wellness retreat. 

And it will be called Heaven Hall.

I’ve got it all mapped out:

There will workshops and inspiring creativity experts galore in luxury classrooms and halls of learning. 

There will be uplifting scented gardens and restorative walks in the beautiful grounds.

There will be a sumptuous shop full of books, gifts and goodies that uplift creative spirits and inspire creative minds. 

• There will be delicious and nutritious food and drink from the organic kitchen garden. 

There will also be a heavenly health and wellbeing sanctuary called Miracle Spa. (I can’t wait to bring that aspect to life.) 

And as part of my 9 Life Path (the Creative Humanitarian), I want to incorporate some kind of 1-for-1 model that helps creatives of all ages and stages in life to experience the joys of creativity, wellness and luxury.

Because I believe the ripple effects could make a truly powerful and positive difference in the world.

This is my vision, and I see it all so clearly – even though I have absolutely no clue how it could possibly come about.

Somehow, I believe this vision is meant to guide me in my life and work. 


how somehow acrylic block

{ One of my favourite possibility reminders from my gift shop-in-progress. }

So, there you have it – my Big Dream. My divine mission. My legacy-to-be. 

I look forward to keeping you posted with how I get on. 🙂 

And if you have a vision or goal that you feel ready to share, I would LOVE to hear about it. 

Because, as a certain fellow introvert writer says…


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PS In the next exciting instalment, I’ll be sharing precisely why I’m in absolutely no rush to bring this exciting vision to life – and why procrastination can sometimes be A Very Good Thing.

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Supportive cheerleaders will be entitled to special offers once we open those magnificent doors… 😉


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