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Creative Nonfiction Writing  – Behind The Scenes

Creative Nonfiction Writing – Behind The Scenes

I recently took part in an online writing survey by one of my favourite writers, Beth Kempton.
I thought it would be fun to share these behind-the-scenes insights for my fellow bloggers and nonfiction writer friends.
So, here are some of the responses I shared about my creative nonfiction writing process and journey, along with some #bts images of my writing life.

How to reboot your creative mind

How to reboot your creative mind

Three simple tips to help you reboot your creative mind and get your spark back. And in true holistic style, these 3 techniques are also good for your energy & wellbeing.

What does gusto mean?

What does gusto mean?

Seeing as I’ve designed an entire email story series around the creative power of gusto energy, I thought it might be helpful to share a quick definition of what the word gusto has come to mean in modern parlance.

Which is the perfect post for you?

Trusting in synchronicity and perfect timing is a creative superpower.

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And come back any time to collect the next technique for your creative toolkit!  



marketing for creatives who don't love marketing

Marketing for creatives (who don’t like marketing)

Imagine the difference it would make to your creative success if you could make peace with marketing…

how to be more productive (when you just want to sleep)

For my fellow sleep-loving creatives

How to be more productive and creative when you just want to stay in bed. 

how to enjoy the benefits of a gratitude journal with less effort danielle raine creativity blog

How to enjoy the benefits of a Gratitude Journal (with less effort)

If you have ‘More Gratitude’ on your New Year Intentions List, these two simple shortcuts will help you enjoy many of the benefits of a Gratitude Journal with less of the time/effort investment.

designing online courses from idea to launch to sale in 36 hours danielle raine creativity coach

How to create an online course 

(In 36 hours!) 

A behind-the-scenes of my creative process to show how creating online courses can be an enjoyable flow of inspired action, effortless productivity and rapid results.

creativity inspiration wellbeing year in blog posts

Creativity Blog 2022 – My year in blog posts

Blogging was once again my creative therapy of choice in 2022.

Here’s the full collection of musings from my creativity blog for the year – a happy mix of inspiration, insights and stories to support your own adventures in this bumpy journey that is the creative life.

Restoring Faith Emotional Calm in Difficult Times (3 Free Resources for Creatives)

“We can all be peace workers in small ways, and these small ways matter.”

In my commitment to both your creativity and wellbeing, here are 3 free resources to help restore faith and emotional calm.

Because healthy, happy, calm and balanced creatives are good for the planet. ?

emotional resilience creative superpower

Emotional Resilience for Creatives: How to Keep Going (when you want to give up)

How Emotional Resilience can be a true creative superpower – inspired by my favourite Elizabeth Gilbert quote from her insightful creativity book, Big Magic.

Available now: The Book of the Blog


tonics ipad heart coffee mug CW testimonial

...because healthy, happy & inspired creatives are good for the world. 

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