The Joy of Dharma – for creatives.

Aligning with the career and expression that is uniquely perfect for you.

upside down bo cat napping

My 3 Favourite Deepak Chopra Audiobooks…

… for success, affluence and happiness.

upside down bo cat napping

The Creative Power of Naps & Rest Book Review

How rest, self-care, naps and sleep can be highly productive. 

Where do ideas come from?

Plus an easier question (that might be more helpful…).

My favourite tip to overcome procrastination. 

The surprising result of my foray into Theta Healing. 

How – and why – I’m writing my next books on my iPad.

The 7 iPad writing apps I use and recommend. 

Old year lessons for a happier new you.

How to find more clarity, confidence & excitement for the year ahead.

One of my favourite tips to reduce worry and overwhelm;


Have a Scarlett O Hara Moment.

All Year resolution

The All-year Resolution: Intention vs force

A kinder, more sustainable alternative to the All-Or-Nothing Mindset.

Celebrate: A habit for life…not just for  Christmas

If you’d like to experience more joy, better health and improved results – in your work, at home, or indeed in any endeavour) – start celebrating!

My simple remedy for Should I be doing something else…? Syndrome.

For my fellow multi-passionate, multi-potentialise, renaissance soul creatives.

My unusual remedy for creative overwhelm

Is it possible to be too creative…?

Self-coaching skills for writers

A new way to help writers tap into their own resources and inner support skills when they need them most.

How to prep for NaNoWriMo

Be kind to yourself and your muse with some strategic NaNoWrimo prep that will help make your crazy/brave writing adventure easier and more fun.

Too many ideas?!

My heart-felt Ode to the Workflowy task management app. Plus 5 Overwhelm- blasting Tips for the Over-Inspired Creative.

Who is The Muse? 

Throughout the ages, great artists and philosophers have discussed and debated the existence and nature of ‘the muse’. She, (muses are invariably feminine) has intrigued, puzzled and fascinated creative minds the world over. But who is she…?

On hiring support…

The scary / fun / rewarding business of investing in your creative dreams.

How getting creative can help with life’s dramas

From tears at bedtime to a very happy ending.

Creativity &… food? Introducing: The Muse Diet

Is there a way to eat that can enhance our creativity? I believe so!

Creative Faith: How to dodge the Pesky Demon of Doubt

5 ways to make ‘keeping the faith’ easier.

Resilience – A Creative Superpower

Of the many snippets of wisdom that I jotted down from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, this is the one I love the most…

Creativity & Writing Tips for Bloggers

A few of my favourite creativity coaching techniques – especially for my fellow bloggers.

3 meaningful reasons marketing is good for creativity

Ever felt torn as to whether to create from the heart, or compromise to meet market forces? Does the prospect of marketing induce lethargy / repulsion / fear & dread / an overwhelming desire to hide under the duvet? In this post I’m exploring a soul-soothing approach to marketing for creative people.

What is Creativity Coaching?

What does a Creativity Coach actually do? I often get a few Homer Simpson-esque blank stares when I tell people what I do. So I am on a mission to spread the word about my Dream Job, aka Creativity Coaching. Here’s my take on this powerful and exciting new support service. (And why I love it so much.)

Like green juice for your creative spirit…

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The Power of Whim & Fancy 

This week, I’d like to share with you a lesson I learned from my recent month of non-stop decorating.

On yoga, chakras & creative flow

This week’s gem comes from the beautiful world of yoga, in particular from the multi-talented yogini extraordinaire, Maya Fiennes.

Why I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year…

…despite lots of ‘good reasons’ why not. The 8 Great Reasons I’m going for it anyway.

It’s only Christmas.

During this frenzied time of year, it’s possible to get overwhelmed with the practicalities of creating The Perfect Christmas. So here’s a quick tip for staying calm enough to enjoy the magic. 🙂

On dreaming big, being great & stepping up

(Don’t worry, I’ll help.)

After last week’s epic post, I’ll keep it short and sweet today. And it’s a newsflash / special offer / creativity quote combo!

The Ultimate Creative Project : Life

Have you ever wondered about the ideal conditions for your creativity? In my quest to discover the Joy, Fun & Ease route to creative success, I’m always on the lookout for ways to smooth the bumps of our creative journeys.

Creative expression: a drive to make you feel alive

It’s Creativity Quote time again and this week’s gem is from the inspiring and irrepressible champion of entrepreneurs, Brendon Burchard.

What is creativity? (& How to make it easier)

I truly believe that every human being on the planet is creative – or at least has the potential to be. And I love how this quote makes becoming ‘a creative’ as simple as a decision to do something meaningful.

The ‘Pro’ route to the muse

It’s Creativity Quote time again and this week’s offering is from champion of the creative spirit, Steven Pressfield. I spotted the following gem in his brilliant, insightful, empowering book; Turning Pro.

Why housework is good for creativity

This week’s source may seem a strange choice for a series on creativity, but I’m guessing that most creatives have homes, many have housemates and a fair proportion may feel (as I did) that they were put on the planet for more important work than dusting and laundry.

The Story of You : crafting a creative legacy

I’ve got another dose of creative vitamins for you – to keep you and your muse in tip top shape. Yes, it’s time for this week’s Creativity Quote…

Constraint vs abundance: which is better for creativity?

I have another dose of creative wisdom for you, this time from author Jonathan Fields, though I actually found the following gem on his blog. The blog post was called: Can abundance kill creativity?

The playful route to creative success 

Here’s another Creativity Quote to keep your creative spirits up and, speaking of spirits – we’re turning to the world of metaphysics with the source of this week’s inspiration….

Creative thriving – Huffington style 

This latest offering is a little different, as the inspiring advice this week comes, once again, from one of my favourite vlogs; Marie TV. Marie’s recent guest was the legendary Arianna Huffington who was talking about her new book Thrive.

Lucid dreaming: the solution to creative blocks?

This week’s words of wisdom come from a fascinating author (and very nice chap) that I met at a recent Hay House event in London. During a break between speakers, I found the bookshop and was eagerly stocking up on reading matter for my train journey home, when a book with a beautiful blue cover caught my eye…

How to declutter your brain (& why)

Welcome to this week’s creativity quote (which is also a homage to my new favourite app) – and in the spirit of this week’s book recommendation, let’s get straight to it!

How to do nothing and be more productive

Welcome to this week’s creativity quote and to make up for my absence, this one’s a three-fer! First up, a line from a John Lennon song that I used to sing to my own Beautiful Boys:

Numerology: How to live your creative dreams (& not starve)

C’est ici! (I’ve recently been to France and can’t resist using the few phrases I managed to master.) In fact my Parisian travels provide the photograph for this week’s quote…

Writing as therapy : How to soothe your soul

This week’s offering highlights a technique for both self-expression and self-preservation: the therapeutic effects of writing.

Creativity begins at home

It’s time for another hit of creative wisdom and this week’s quote comes from one of my interior design heroes; the beautiful and inspiring Naomi Cleaver.

Art, humanity & creative service

This week’s creativity quote is a little different – I stumbled across it, not in a book, but on one of my favourite weekly vlogs; Marie Forleo’s Q&A Tuesday. Marie was exploring the idea that creativity is a form of service, and this simple but powerful phrase leapt out at me…

How to turn Big Ideas into reality

It’s time for another nugget of inspired wisdom to add fuel to your creative fire. This week’s gem is from renowned choreographer, Twyla Tharp.

How to find the 3 essential elements for creative success

Today’s inspiring nugget comes from an unlikely blend of hip-hop guru, entrepreneur and meditation devotee – Uncle Rush (aka Russell Simmons).

Why ‘Follow Your Bliss’ is Damn Good Advice

Today’s little nugget of inspired wisdom comes from one of the original Mad Men – enfant terrible of the advertising industry, George Lois.

Life: the ultimate creative fuel

It’s time for this week’s tonic which comes from one of my favourite spiritual authors, the beautiful and inspiring Sonia Choquette.

How to be even more creative (& successful)

Today’s offering comes from a co-written project that I’m currently reading called Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, by the sparky and insightful Danielle LaPorte and her partner in inspiration, Linda Sivertsen.

How to escape from Must-Plan-&-Do Land

This week’s creative gem is a quote that I stumbled across online – a line from a speech by the Parisian writer, Anatole France, and it’s a call to remember our hearts and spirit in the creative process.

Love, money, creativity & The Upper Limit Problem

This is a quote that struck me like an encouraging and heartwarming slap in the face whilst reading the ever-popular: The Big Leap

Why creativity is good for us

The following is a quote I scribbled down whilst on holiday in beautiful Norfolk, where I was listening to the audiobook version of Julia Cameron’s: Walking In This World

Your inspiration as compass

The following is a phrase I excitedly underlined in Tama J Kieves inspiring book; This Time I Dance!; Creating the work you love.


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from 30 creative minds

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