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Mindset, wellbeing + happiness tips for creatives, writers, and artists

Holistic tips for more flow, fulfilment and success in your creativity and life. 
So you can do more of the creative work you love, and enjoy the journey. 


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Which is the perfect post for you?

Trusting in synchronicity and perfect timing is a creative superpower.

Click the button to see which perfectly-randomly selected post is right for you today >>

And come back any time to collect the next technique for your creative toolkit!  



carl jung quote synchronicity creativity blog inspiration tip

Would you like more inspiration for creativity (& life)?

Continuing our theme of Muse Clues, here’s another simple-yet-potent tip to help you enjoy more of that lovely life-enhancing flow of inspired ideas and creative breakthroughs.

how to strengthen your intuition a game for creatives

How to strengthen your intuition – A game for creatives

Honing your intuition is a life skill that can transform your work, your daily experience and your enjoyment of the journey.

Here’s a quick, easy and fun game that will help you. 

creativity blog Restoring Faith Emotional Calm in Difficult Times (3 Free Resources for Creatives)

“We can all be peace workers in small ways, and these small ways matter.”

In my commitment to both your creativity and wellbeing, here are 3 free resources to help restore faith and emotional calm.

Because healthy, happy, calm and balanced creatives are good for the planet. ?

creativity blog 2022 more creative flow guaranteed

The new Hello Flow Promise for more creative flow

I feel so strongly that the Hello Flow practices are such guaranteed winners for my audience, that I will gladly back your results.

creativity blog 2022 4 letter word of the year that connects you to your soul

The 4-letter Word of the Year that connects you to your soul

Insights for choosing a Word of the Year that reconnects you to your true soul desires – what really matters to YOU.

creativity blog 2022 that tgi monday feeling for creatives danielle raine creativity coaching

Want to enjoy that TGI Monday feeling?

My deepest hope for the norm for humanity, because when creative people do the work they love – everyone wins.

creativity blog 2022 creative failure a key to success for coaches

Not your typical New Year topic!

A creative and positive approach to failure can be a powerful key to success for coaches and teachers.

Discover how to use any past failures as fuel for your work, and how reframing any fear of failure can pave the way for future success

creativity blog collection inspiration wellbeing year in blog posts

Creativity Blog 2021 – My year in blog posts

Blogging was my creative therapy of choice in 2021.

Here’s the full collection of musings from my creativity blog for the year – a happy mix of inspiration, insights and stories to support your own adventures in this bumpy journey that is the creative life.

creativity blog 2022 All Year resolution success tip

A human-friendly alternative to the all-or-nothing mindset

What would happen to our success rate, if we removed the pressure to enforce our New Year changes without fail every day, from January 1st…?

creativity blog the calm of twixmas creativity coaching blog danielle raine

The Calm of Twixmas – a creative opportunity

Discover the magic of Twixmas, an opportunity to tap into the special energies of this potent time – the closing of a year and the dawn of a new one.

creativity blog Tips for creative confidence danielle raine creativity coaching blog

My favourite tips for cultivating Creative Confidence & Self-Belief

Confidence is highly cultivatable – there’s much we can do to increase our confidence set-point.

Here are 4 Top Tips to help you boost your innate confidence and self-belief. 

How to make peace with uncertainty creativity blog danielle raine

How to make peace with uncertainty

How do you feel about uncertainty?

While it can be a potent realm for creative solutions, it can also be an extremely difficult phase to navigate.

Here are some of the insights I’ve discovered about making peace with this inescapable – and potentially miraculous – aspect of creative living.

creativity blog is it time for a scarlett o hara momemt quick tip reduce worry overwhelm

One of my favourite tips to reduce worry and overwhelm;

Have a Scarlett O Hara Moment.

creativity blog how to get what you want + feel good factor

How to get what you want

My 5 am epiphany on how we can get whatever we want AND enjoy that all-important feel-good factor. 

(Plus: How to stay in bed and be more productive. 🙂 )

creativity blog the insight that saves me hours of time every week

One of my favourite lessons from my bumpy creative path.  

Saves time, energy, resources, tears and heartache.

Leaving more time for success-yielding activities and creative fun.  

creativity blog your direct route to success happiness danielle raine

Introducing: Your Direct Route to Success

A gem from one of my mentors that has become something of a North Star in my life…

(Works like magic for fast-tracking success.) 

creativity blog creative empowering approach to solving dilemmas

A creative approach to solving dilemmas

A simple trick that can be really helpful if you ever struggle with dilemmas or indecision.

creativity blog how your creative success can be inevitable the power of ideas genevieve behrend

Success is inevitable: The creative power of ideas

My favourite insight from Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend.

SPOILER ALERT: This will make your creative life MUCH easier… 

creativity blog what is dharma wealth pin danielle raine creativity coaching

What-the-fabulous is dharma wealth?!

The ancient spiritual concept of automagic success and the joy of dharma wealth.

a to z creativity boosters free email series for creatives


For inspiration & flow…

Upgrade your creative life –

alphabet style 

An A to Z of Creativity Boosters
delivered weekly to your inbox. 


adventures in life design sharpening your axe daily practices creativity blog

Further adventures in life design:
Sharpening your axe

An insight that might help if you’ve ever felt any confusion, frustration or doubt about ideas such as;

“Build it and they will come.”

“Do what you love, and the money will follow.”

“Leap and the net will appear.”

creativity blog tip trying something new rudding park retro orange designer armchair

The Creative Benefits of Trying Something New…

If you’d like to enjoy more of the life-enhancing benefits of inspired living, one way to invite more creativity is to try new things. 

Here are some tips for shaking up your routine and waking up your creative genius. 

creativity blog write your story healing journey keyboard notebook inspiration draft

Write your story: A healing journey

For all its commonplace simplicity, writing is actually a profound process.

We are turning invisible, intangible ideas and thoughts into a concrete form that exists in the world and not just in our heads.

It’s a highly creative act.

Writing can turn ideas into actions, it can make things happen, it can lead to the creation of something new.

But the effects of writing go beyond the written words…

the gift shift how to find the blessings in disguise creativity blog

The Gift Shift – How to find the blessings in disguise

A short story that might help you if you’re ever facing any kind of resistance, problem or challenge.

(Inspired by a recent mini-epiphany in my workday.)

how to believe in yourself more creativity coaching blog

How to believe in yourself more

I recently experienced a tiny miracle during a yoga session that opened my eyes to the power of possibility thinking. 

This lovely insight turns out to be fantastic for helping us to believe in ourselves more, which is a HUGE asset for anyone on the creative path. 

And so I’d love to share with you the miraculous magic of perception-shifting…

the benefits of a daily practice & tips creativity coaching blog

The Benefits of a Daily Practice

The power and magic of daily attention to you. 

Plus tips on designing the right practice for your life. 

divine source of creative spirit thomas troward

The divine source of our creative spirit

An exciting vision for humanity and the reason your particular creative calling is so perfect.

Inspired by the work of Thomas Troward.

Affirmations for creativity danielle raine creativity coaching blog

Affirmations for creativity

A collection of affirmations designed to spark your creative spirit.

Plus some tips for how to use them without waking up your subconscious resistance… 

Introduction to Your Creative Dharma online course danielle raine

Introducing… Your Creative Dharma

A free sample extract from the online course for purpose-driven creatives.

hitting the snooze button a creative morning practice danielle raine creativity coaching

A Creative Route to Wellness

How creativity is good for your health, plus 3 tips for beginning a creative wellness practice. 

recommended remedies for emotional calm danielle raine creativity coaching

How to design your life (& why)

Reviewing our lives with a designer’s eye is liberating and empowering – and leads to some exciting outcomes…

hitting the snooze button a creative morning practice danielle raine creativity coaching

What’s your thing?

(That thing you love to do?)

recommended remedies for emotional calm danielle raine creativity coaching

Uplifting & empowering mindset games for grown ups

A collection of mighty little mindset tools, to help you discover your power & reconnect with your inner magic. ?

hitting the snooze button a creative morning practice danielle raine creativity coaching

Wine O’Clock Prayer for celebration, serenity & surrender

My favourite proverb which I’ve rechristened my Wine O’Clock Prayer.

recommended remedies for emotional calm danielle raine creativity coaching

Recommended remedies for emotional calm 

Proactively prioritising our own emotional balance is one of the most helpful things we can do – both for ourselves and for others.

So, to inspire you to discover and implement the most effective tools and practices for you, here are some of my recommended remedies for emotional calm.

hitting the snooze button a creative morning practice danielle raine creativity coaching

4 lovely ways hitting the snooze button can enhance your day (& your life) 

My take on the snooze button debate:  To snooze or not to snooze?

what is dharma blog post definition sanskrit word

What is dharma?

A definition of the Sanskrit word that inspired my latest online course.

My favourite prosperity tip

A fun and potentially lucrative tip to support your creative adventures.

A short story from my work week

that led me to appointing a new Creative Director in my business…

Reconnecting with creative joy

Any Given Tuesday: Guest Post for Eric Maisel & Fine Art America

2 magic words…

with mighty results for both your success and your joy along the way. 

What do you need to learn teach?

How to understand more deeply whatever challenge you’re trying to master. 

The Joy of Dharma – for creatives.

Aligning with the career and expression that is uniquely perfect for you.

What does 10 years of blogging teach you?!

Celebrating my 10 Year Blogging Anniversary with my Top Ten Lessons

upside down bo cat napping

My 3 Favourite Deepak Chopra Audiobooks…

… for success, affluence and happiness.

upside down bo cat napping

The Creative Power of Naps & Rest Book Review

How rest, self-care, naps and sleep can be highly productive. 

Where do ideas come from?

Plus an easier question (that might be more helpful…).

My favourite tip to overcome procrastination. 

The surprising result of my foray into Theta Healing. 

How – and why – I’m writing my next books on my iPad.

The 7 iPad writing apps I use and recommend. 

My simple remedy for Should I be doing something else…? Syndrome.

For my fellow multi-passionate, multi-potentialise, renaissance soul creatives.

numerology ancient practice creative chaos

Numerology: My remedy for creative chaos

Is it possible to be too creative…?

nanowrimo prep 2019 creativity tips enjoy danielle raine

How to prep for NaNoWriMo

Be kind to yourself and your muse with some strategic NaNoWrimo prep that will help make your crazy/brave writing adventure easier and more fun.

Too many ideas?!

My heart-felt Ode to the Workflowy task management app. Plus 5 Overwhelm- blasting Tips for the Over-Inspired Creative.

Who is The Muse? 

Throughout the ages, great artists and philosophers have discussed and debated the existence and nature of ‘the muse’. She, (muses are invariably feminine) has intrigued, puzzled and fascinated creative minds the world over. But who is she…?

How getting creative can help with life’s dramas

From tears at bedtime to a very happy ending.

Creativity &… food? Introducing: The Muse Diet

Is there a way to eat that can enhance our creativity? I believe so!

Creative Faith: How to dodge the Pesky Demon of Doubt

5 ways to make ‘keeping the faith’ easier.

Resilience – A Creative Superpower

Of the many snippets of wisdom that I jotted down from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, this is the one I love the most…

Creativity & Writing Tips for Bloggers

A few of my favourite creativity coaching techniques – especially for my fellow bloggers.

3 meaningful reasons marketing is good for creativity

Ever felt torn as to whether to create from the heart, or compromise to meet market forces? Does the prospect of marketing induce lethargy / repulsion / fear & dread / an overwhelming desire to hide under the duvet? In this post I’m exploring a soul-soothing approach to marketing for creative people.

The Power of Whim & Fancy 

This week, I’d like to share with you a lesson I learned from my recent month of non-stop decorating.

On yoga, chakras & creative flow

This week’s gem comes from the beautiful world of yoga, in particular from the multi-talented yogini extraordinaire, Maya Fiennes.

Why I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year…

…despite lots of ‘good reasons’ why not. The 8 Great Reasons I’m going for it anyway.

Design your life for creative confidence

Have you ever wondered about the ideal conditions for your creativity? In my quest to discover the Joy, Fun & Ease route to creative success, I’m always on the lookout for ways to smooth the bumps of our creative journeys.

Why housework is good for creativity

This week’s source may seem a strange choice for a series on creativity, but I’m guessing that most creatives have homes, many have housemates and a fair proportion may feel (as I did) that they were put on the planet for more important work than dusting and laundry.

How to do nothing and be more productive

Welcome to this week’s creativity quote and to make up for my absence, this one’s a three-fer! First up, a line from a John Lennon song that I used to sing to my own Beautiful Boys:


For inspiration & flow…

Upgrade your creative life –

alphabet style 

An A to Z of Creativity Boosters
delivered weekly to your inbox. 


... because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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