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How to design your life (& why)

How to design your life (& why)

What happens when you design your life? Discover the benefits and empowering magic that kicks in when we consciously view our lives as a design challenge >

Joy : My new Creative Director

Joy : My new Creative Director

The Guiding Power of Creative Joy: A short work story that led me to appointing a new Creative Director in my business, and living happily ever after…

Where do ideas come from?

Where do ideas come from?

If you’ve ever wondered where ideas come from, this post sheds some light on that fascinating phenomenon and guides you to some practical creativity questions >>

The Nature of Ideas (to take off!)

The Nature of Ideas (to take off!)

Introducing: Feel-good Delegation for Creatives. Discover the curious and helpful nature of ideas to take off and build momentum, all by themselves…

How to reboot your creative mindset

How to reboot your creative mindset

Three simple tips to help you reboot your creative mindset and get your spark back. And in true holistic style, these 3 techniques are also good for your energy & wellbeing.

What is Twixmas perfect for?

What is Twixmas perfect for?

What is Twixmas and what is this rare period of calm perfect for? Discover the lovely lull amid the festive busyness; a potent time for planning and envisioning.

Wondering what’s holding you back?

Wondering what’s holding you back?

If you’ve been wondering what’s holding you back from going for your creative dreams, this short story will reveal the simple answer + what you can do about it…

Which is the perfect post for you?

Trusting in synchronicity and perfect timing is a creative superpower.

Click the button to see which perfectly-randomly selected post is right for you today >>

And come back any time to collect the next technique for your creative toolkit!  



marketing for creatives who don't love marketing

Marketing for creatives (who don’t like marketing)

Imagine the difference it would make to your creative success if you could make peace with marketing…

how to be more productive (when you just want to sleep)

For my fellow sleep-loving creatives

How to be more productive and creative when you just want to stay in bed. 

designing online courses from idea to launch to sale in 36 hours danielle raine creativity coach

How to create an online course 

(In 36 hours!) 

A behind-the-scenes of my creative process to show how creating online courses can be an enjoyable flow of inspired action, effortless productivity and rapid results.

Restoring Faith Emotional Calm in Difficult Times (3 Free Resources for Creatives)

“We can all be peace workers in small ways, and these small ways matter.”

In my commitment to both your creativity and wellbeing, here are 3 free resources to help restore faith and emotional calm.

Because healthy, happy, calm and balanced creatives are good for the planet. ?

Available now: The Book of the Blog

An inspiring anthology of self-coaching tips for creatives

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