My journey to becoming a creativity coach

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SINCE 1993

“So, how did you become a creativity coach?”

In 2014, I stumbled across a relatively new field of coaching called Creativity Coaching.

After a lifetime of fascination with the creative life and process – I was immediately hooked.

Today, my work as a Creativity Coach feels like winning the career lottery.

This is the story of my journey to this wonderful work…


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Getting started as a Creativity Coach

Once I’d decided to answer my calling to become a creativity coach, I started by offering free coaching, just to find out what worked well for me and for my clients.

I just asked in a Facebook group who would like to be my guinea pigs.

(I share an in-depth review of my fun-&-simple Getting Started process in this short course.)

I then took the Creativity Coaching Association courses offered by Eric Maisel, – the founder of Creativity Coaching. I completed both the Basic and Advanced courses simultaneously.

I found the courses by Eric fascinating, inspiring and extremely useful when I was first setting up my creativity coaching business.

If you’re keen to learn his coaching tips and how he runs his business, I’d definitely recommend them – they help with both coaching and the business aspect.

He also has a few books that I’d recommend: Become A Creativity Coach Now (I blogged about it: What is creativity?).

He’s also just put together a new one called Inside Creativity Coaching, and I have a featured story in there – it’s a great insight into this profession.

And if you can get hold of it, I recommend Eric’s Secrets of a Creativity Coach audiobook, it’s a great insight into the coaching experience.

I suggest exploring Eric’s books and then the courses if you’re keen to go further.

Eric also has a Facebook Group for Creativity Coaches which you may want to join. 

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{ Becoming a creativity coach allowed me to work from home in my beloved creative cave – my kind of happy }

Creativity Coaching Certification

Regarding certification, I’ve completed both the Beginner and Advanced Creativity Coaching courses by Eric Maisel courses that are accredited to the Creativity Coaching Association.

I have also joined their directory which I think is a great idea for any new creativity coaches.

To get started, I recommend taking a look at the CCA courses to see if any appeal to you, but I don’t feel they are essential to begin, or even to continue the work.

(The CCA is a voluntary organisation, ie it’s not an official accreditation.)

Whether you need certification depends on how you feel doing the work without it, and the type of clients you want to work with.

I’ve only ever had one person ask about my certifications – all my other clients have never asked!

In my experience, people either want to work with you, or they don’t – regardless of qualifications.

Your energy and passion will come across in your coaching, emails, website, social channels and testimonials etc… for many people, that will be all the credibility they need.

And of course, if you already have coaching skills in another area, many of these will be transferable to Creativity Coaching, which is essentially Life Coaching for creative people.

If you’d like more info on the specifics of this niche, I’ve created a Creativity Coaching 101, or watch the short video below to see the kind of services I offer. 


Marketing a Creativity Coaching Service

In terms of marketing, I market exclusively online, via social media, SEO, blogging, building an email list, and optimising my material for word of mouth, repeat business and referrals.

It’s taken me a lot of trial error to find what works well for me, but now I LOVE how I run my business.

I share my 20+ years of marketing insights and behind-the-scenes in my Online Coaching Business Mentorship programme, if reaching your Dream Clients in soul-friendly ways is a puzzle for you.

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Email Coaching – A Creative Alternative

I began working via email when my children were small – it just fit better with family life.

But I love it so much that I still only work via email – I love the flexibility and freedom of the format, it’s also very therapeutic for many of my clients.

Plus, I love to write! So, it’s just a joyful format for me all round.

I’ve discovered that there are also certain benefits to coaching via email, that appeal to particular types of creatives – it’s great for introverts and writers.

There’s more info here, if you’d like to explore the many lovely benefits of email coaching. 

10 benefits of email coaching for creatives

1:1 Mentoring for New Email Coaches

If you’d like to have a few weeks of ‘picking my brains’ as well as coaching and support in your business, I’ve recently set up a couple of programmes specifically to share the shortcuts I’ve learned.

How To Set Up An Email Coaching Business From Scratch

How to offer Email Coaching – A Beginner’s Guide

I’ve been a graphic designer, web designer and copywriter for over 20 years, so I’m pretty savvy with the tech aspects too.

I love sharing what I’ve learned on my (bumpy!) journey – and the more creativity coaches in the world the better for everyone, in my view. 🙂

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New to creativity coaching?

This Starter Kit is the perfect place to begin…

Looking to become a creativity coach?

I share the full details of my journey and the behind-the-scenes of my business in my mentorship programmes…

Discover more about my journey to becoming a creativity coach in my new book…

Available now: The Book of the Blog

An inspiring anthology of self-coaching tips for creatives

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