Creativity Coaching 101

First published Oct 2014 – Updated Jan 2024

Do you have something you feel called to share with the world?

Would you LOVE some expert support from someone who shares your vision?

This guide will reveal the benefits of creativity coaching, and how it can fast-track your progress and success.

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A short guide to working with a Creativity Coach

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Danielle Raine


Looking to become a Creativity Coach?

If you’re looking to learn more about this blossoming branch of coaching and join the ranks of creativity coaches worldwide, this post reveals my journey to creative coaching and how I got started:

What is creativity coaching?

Coaching is simply helping, and creativity coaching is a specialist support service designed specifically for people who want to focus on their creative life and meaningful creative projects.

Whether you’re craving support, encouragement, guidance, clarity, expertise, a fresh perspective or just someone who believes in you – the right coach can help you.

Your coach is a personal, customised support system whose job is to help you get to where you want to go, live the life you want to live, and be the person you know you can be.

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What does a creativity coach do?

A creativity coach is a specialist in the challenges of creative living.

Most creative coaches are experienced creatives themselves, who feel a particular calling to support their fellow creatives in stepping up and pursuing their craft.

Because the creative path – for all its joys – can be a challenging one.

There are many and varied issues to be faced, from the inner blocks such as resistance, anxiety, and doubt, to outer constraints like lack of time, limited resources or pressure from other people.

A creativity coach is trained to help you navigate the inevitable challenges that all creatives encounter.

We are here to make it easier for  you to create the work that you know is in you.

Clearing creative blocks is easier than you think. 

Get started with the free Creative Flow Chart.

Because just knowing where you’re stuck is really helpful.

How can creativity coaching help?

With the right creative support you can;

• Reduce those time-consuming and soul-sapping wobbles – and do more of the work you LOVE to create.

• Move beyond self-consciousness and doubt, so you can freely and confidently express your unique brand of brilliance.

• Swap desperation for inspiration, so you can connect with the great ideas and work you are here to share.

• Craft a creative life that thrills you, fulfils you and expresses your unique gifts.

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Creativity Coaching is now available in self-study & online courses. 


Think of the most successful creative people the world has ever known…

How did they achieve their great work, despite the many obstacles that we all encounter?

How did the keep going amid the inevitable fears and doubts?

Most of the great creators had some kind of support system; a champion, cheerleader, mentor or secret weapon to guide them through the inevitable wobbles of the creative journey.

After all, even the most brilliant and talented genius can’t see their own blind spots.

The creative process is a unique challenge.

And creative people need a special kind of support.

Welcome to Creativity Coaching.

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Why Creativity Coaching?

At the end of a difficult day, escaping into a great novel can be soothing to the soul…

During challenging or heartbreaking times, the right song at the right moment can inspire us to carry on…

When we feel at a loss or despairing with life, an uplifting movie can help us find our way back to our centre…

Creative works heal us.

They uplift us, inspire us, soothe us and delight us.

Often – by some curious magic – when we need it the most.


Creativity Coaching & You

If there are creative works within you, works that are calling to be shared with the world, I see it as my offering to humanity to help you deliver them.

If you feel called to create, you’re one of the ones I feel called to help.

Because I believe, with all my heart, that what you have to give will be a uniquely perfect offering – one that will heal someone’s soul, soothe someone’s heart, ease someone’s suffering or ignite someone’s spirit.

What you want to create, share or offer to the world is needed.

And it’s my honour and my privilege to assist you in the tricky business of bringing it to life.

The creative path is uniquely challenging, yet the work that’s born from the trials and challenges is a gift to us all.

It’s also likely to usher in a whole range of blessings into your life.

That’s why I’m so devoted to your creative hopes and dreams, and the wonderful work of Creativity Coaching.

That’s why I’m here to help.

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The 3 vital ingredients of creativity coaching –

that make the difference between giving up and hanging in there:




danielle raine creativity coach

Danielle Raine

If you feel called to create, life is better when you do.

Here’s why I feel called to help you…

Creative. Coach.

I’m a writer, designer, and creativity coach.

I’ve been a creative professional for almost three decades.

In 2014, I stumbled across the work of creativity coaching and I was hooked, immediately signing up for both the Basic and Advanced Creativity Coaching training courses.

Because I have been obsessed with studying, experimenting and analysing the creative path, process and psyche since my Art College epiphany in 1993.

And now, helping other creative souls is my purpose and my passion.

But what exactly is Creativity Coaching?

And why is a holistic approach so beneficial?

Here’s more on this powerful and exciting support service, and why I love it so much…

My secret ingredients…

After almost 30 years in the creative trenches, working, studying and analysing the creative process, I’ve built up quite a powerful toolkit; insights into what works, what doesn’t, what makes things easier and what makes things worse.

This experience, these strategies and solutions are at the core of my creativity coaching service.

I also have a unique approach,
featuring two not-so-secret ingredients…

A holistic approach

When we create, we bring our whole selves to the work.

Our energy, mood, emotions and challenges all effect our creative efforts. They even show up in our work.

So my approach to creativity coaching is to treat creative blocks holistically, to build a foundation of health, wellbeing, confidence and inner calm.

We’ll explore strategies to revitalise the whole you, not just your creative self.

The result is more joy, fun and ease in the creative process, as well as a healthy life balance and a fulfilled sense of self. 

When you align your life with what matters to you, your creativity naturally blossoms…

• • •



A philosophy of joy, flow & ease

The majority of the creative process is the process, not the result.

So why not make that largest part of the journey as easy, enjoyable and inspired as possible?

Of course, there are times when the discomfort, uncertainty and nervousness are unavoidable – an integral part of the creative life. (And they do add a certain sweetness to the successes.)

But whenever possible, we work with your natural inclinations, enthusiasms and passions – rather than attempting to use force and willpower (which are neither fun nor sustainable.)

When you harness the powers of awareness, inspiration and efficiency – creativity can be effortless and exhilarating.

#goodbyeresistance  #helloflow

“Not only have I been able to crush a lot of those creative blocks and be more productive, working with Danielle has enhanced every aspect of my life.

It has brought me more energy, more confidence to really keep going, to keep moving toward my goals, toward my vision, toward my dreams.”

Rhoda Jordan, Actress, author + entrepreneur


Good for you…

Creative expression is a fast-track to a healthier, happier you.

Here are a few of the side-effects reported by my clients:

increased energy

enhanced intuition

a calm, inner confidence

a gentler approach to life and success

making peace with food and diet struggles

better sleep

an exciting new joie de vivre

even reduced sugar cravings!

and, of course…

a life-enhancing reconnection with the creative spark

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…good for the planet.

I believe that people who follow and live their calling – their creative dream – become a great asset to our planet.

When you’re expressing your unique creativity and purpose, and enjoying a fulfilling and inspired life – you’re at your best.

The Ultimate Version of You.

And then you’re naturally generous, kind, patient and giving.

You can’t help it!

You’re so filled up and lit up by your connection to your creative spirit, and the joy of expressing your soul – you can’t help but become a happier and more generous human being.

A happy, creative humanitarian.

And the world needs more of those.

Over to you…

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The perfect next step…

If you’re new to a creativity coaching practice or my wellness-based approach, I’ve designed the perfect introduction for you:

Holistic Creativity Coaching Starter Kit

This is a short online experience that will reveal the unique benefits of a holistic approach – and even includes a sample coaching session.

There are more details below, but if you have any questions, please get in touch – I’d love to hear more about your creative work and your vision for success.

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danielle raine creativity coaching association member

Are you ready to experience creative support?

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An introduction to the principles and support of a creativity coaching experience.

(Includes a sample of the coaching experience.)

“Danielle expertly helps you get out of your own way, overcome resistance and embrace the joy of creativity.

It’s surprisingly straightforward, really effective, and fun.

It’s changed the way I write, and the way I live.

I was surprised by how holistic it was,
and how adopting a creative practise changes your entire life.”

Laura Burgoine, Writer + broadcaster

Susanne Kurz creativity coaching client testimonial

The power of words and writing things down is bigger than you can ever imagine.

When I signed up for Story Well I needed help with my marketing emails and channelling my

What I’ve gained was way more than that.

Danielle helped me to tap into my inner wisdom and encouraged me in her unique and empowering way to find my voice
and it also opened up the healing benefits of writing things down when I feel like it.

As always thank you for your wonderful support, Danielle.

Sue McPhee

Mindful Sewing Coach
Tawona Pearson Zenful Life Purpose

I always enjoy reading your blogs!

Your creative wit and openness is so inspiring.

You seamlessly blend in your personality, metaphysical-like charms and Dharmic wisdom in every blog!

I don’t know how you do it!

Tawona Pearson

Teacher, Healer, Poet.
Susanne Kurz creativity coaching client testimonial

I’m forever grateful that you have introduced me to writing poems.

Something I would have never tried nor even thought about trying.

Cheers to that and more wonderful ideas and especially finished projects.

To a never-ending connection.  🙂

Susanne Kurz

Inspirational Sewing Instructor
Laura Burgoine testimonical danielle raine

“I can’t thank you enough, Danielle.

I’m stunned by how transformative just one month has been working with you.
I feel like I’m so much more in line with my creative self
and life is just simpler and easier now.

The resistance has lost a lot of its power.”

Laura Burgoine

writer & broadcaster
Anna Niesler artist coach

“It surely helped me to develop a more positive self-talk towards myself
and made me feel more serene during those six transformative weeks.

The link between wellbeing and creativity is one of the most important lessons
that one can learn on this creative path.”

Anna Niesler

artist + coach
Rhoda Shapiro

“Not only have I been able to crush a lot of those creative blocks and be more productive,
working with Danielle has enhanced every aspect of my life. 

It has brought me more energy, more confidence to really keep going,
to keep moving toward my goals, toward my vision, toward my dreams.”

Rhoda Shapiro

actress + author

“Danielle is knowledgeable, kind, caring, and she absolutely delivers
on her promise of helping build the framework and foundation
for your creative email coaching business.

I would highly recommend her support!”

Alea Marie Quiles

intuitive coach + healer
nicola depuis author

“Just finished working with this wonderful Creative Coach, Danielle Raine,
and I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to
beat procrastination and get back to having fun with the creative muse!

Oh, and her pampering programme gives the whole creative process a wonderful kick-start.

Thanks Danielle!”

Nicola Depuis


“I feel so much more positive and clear on my direction,
and I
really have to thank you for that!”

Sally Harrison

money coach + founder of Peak Profit
Tracy Ryan Jastrow intuitive yogi

“I have been working with Danielle for a few weeks now and she has been a great inspiration.

I have somehow managed to fit in time to start painting and journaling
without sacrificing time with my family.

Feeling accountable to providing updates to Danielle has made me accountable to myself and my ME time.

Thanks Danielle, you’re lovely! xo”

Tracy Ryan Jastrow

founder of Intuitive Yogi

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