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Tonics For Your Creative Spirit the book of the blog Danielle Raine Creativity Coaching

available now in the Kindle Store

Tonics For Your Creative Spirit

Self-coaching tips, tools & techniques
for creatives, writers, artists, designers & entrepreneurs. 

Tonics for your creative spirit kindle book ipad danielle raine creativity coach

“I love this book, a gorgeous creative pool of ideas…

It’s packed with wisdom and inspiration.”

Claire Westwood

The Creative Mavericks Adventure Agency, @theseasideceo_

from wannabe to writer memoir danielle raine

From Wannabe To Writer

My journey from the Wannabe Writer Wilderness to a spot on the bestseller lists.

Everything I’ve learned from over a decade of writing and self-publishing adventures.

Inside Creativity Coaching Eric Maisel

Featured in…

Inside Creativity Coaching

40 Inspiring Case Studies from Around the World.

Edited by Eric Maisel

Or click here for a discount offer from the publisher. 


a vision of success, a guide for creative food-lovers, & a handbook for keeping the faith…

What's stopping you cover


Do you feel called to a creative dream,
but something is stopping you
from fully going for it? 

Sign up for this short story
that will explain what’s stopping you.
(And what you can do about it.)


A joy-based vision of career clarity
for purpose-driven creatives.

My homage to the beautiful concept of dharma;

how it can inspire your life
& guide you to a joyful, meaningful career.

the muse diet from the muse spa danielle raine


Increased creativity & a happier relationship with your body.

No willpower required.


5 Ways to make Keeping The Faith easier.

Keeping the faith is an inescapable part of the creative mix.

Here are 5 ways to make it easier.



(From my Undomestic Goddess days…)

housework blues survival guide danielle raine

Housework Blues

– A Survival Guide

How to cope with the mental and emotional challenge of keeping a home.

(Strategies to keep you sane if you’re an undomestic goddess with a house to keep.)

make peace with housework book of the blog danielle raine

Make Peace With Housework

– The Book of the Blog

A book for anyone who ‘has issues’ with housework.


… because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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