Discover the magic of the Upward Spiral route to success

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If you’re ready for shifts, gifts & spirit uplifts – this is for you.

Introducing: An ease-&-flow route to creative success…

The Upward Spiral: Magic in motion

Today I have a question for you: 

How do you feel about mechanical physics? 

(Stay with me!) 

I ask because there’s a phenomenon known as Newton’s First Law of Motion that can help us enjoy more positive changes in our lives. 

The idea is based on this theory: 

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. 

Can you see the potential magic in this? 

Once in motion – things tend to stay in motion

And we can harness this idea in our lives and work, simply by getting started or creating momentum. 

Once we get moving in the right direction, the laws of the universe help us to keep going! 

Yet you may have noticed that getting started and keeping going can often be the most challenging part of any creative path? 

Happily, there are ways that we can harness these natural forces so that they fuel our continued progress. 

I’ve been studying this effect for a number of years and making LOTS of notes – about how it plays out and, more importantly, how it can help us enjoy more success and flow with our creative work. 

In my notes, I focus on the positive shifts that can arise, aka; The Upward Spiral. 


Arc de triomphe looking upward spiral staircase handrail

Momentum in the right direction

Much of my coaching and writing is based on this simple idea – that just a little improvement in any area can create momentum and positive ripple effects that compound and support each other.

This way, there’s less need for force, willpower and excessive discipline. (Which are limited and very often not fun.) 

It’s the reason I’m so committed to the power and benefits of a holistic approach. 

Because we don’t need to have all the answers, we don’t need to find the willpower to force massive changes. 

We just need to kick-start a little positive momentum – and then let the forces at work support that momentum in an upward spiral of positive and often surprising shifts. 

I’m such a fan of this Upward Spiral idea that I’ve begun working on a book all about it. 

But until that’s ready, I’ve written here about the many benefits – and how easy it can be to get started: 

A Holistic Approach: The Magic of The Upward Spiral.

So, I hope you’ll take a look to see how you can harness this inspiring – and freely available! – resource in your own life. 

If you’d like some expert guidance in getting started – tailor-made for you and your current life – my new Creative Reboot virtual workshop is designed to support you in this fun and exciting process. 

And I’m so eager to share these benefits with you that I’ve just added an extra bonus gift to help you keep your Upward Spiral momentum going. 

So if you’d like my proven methods for tapping into this uplifting and beneficial force ASAP, you can get the full scoop here: Creative Reboot – What’s Included?

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The Upward Spiral & You…

So will you give it a go? 

Might you experiment with this Upward Spiral theory?

I hope it inspires you to think about how you could spark some positive momentum in the direction of your creative dreams – and then see how life supports you. 

And if you do, I’d LOVE to hear how this curiously wonderful phenomenon plays out in your life.  

Wishing you a week of successful and soul-soothing progress,  

danielle raine creativity coach

PS ICYMI – there’s a new bonus in Creative Reboot!

This new Virtual Workshop includes;

• A week of 1:1 Creativity Coaching

• Your choice of course from Creative Well 

The Success Magnet Formula (not available to buy) 

• Plus a newly added bonus that will support your new momentum! (Clue: It’s one of my all-time-favourite tools for this time of year…)

You can find out more here


And I would LOVE to guide you in kick-starting some fabulous Upward Spiral magic with what matters most to you. 


“People who succeed have momentum.”


Kick-start the magic of the Upward Spiral…

Creative Reboot square


Caution: May cause magical side-effects*

* You can read more about those magical side-effects here

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