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Flow. Spark. Mojo. Muse.

Whatever you call your creative magic, life feels brighter, lighter, easier and more fun when it’s around.

But it can also be frustrating and disheartening when it disappears.

The good news is that often it doesn’t take much to respark your innate creativity and reconnect with ever-present inspiration.

And there are lots of simple ways to see inspiring improvements using timeless principles that support you – body, mind and soul. 

So if you’re looking for more flow, fun or fulfilment, my work is designed to help you create what you are here to create, and enjoy the journey.

Welcome to holistic creativity coaching, and creative success on your terms.

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Hi, I’m Danielle. creative coach danielle raine

SINCE 1993

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Holistic support for the unique challenges of creative living.

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From stuck to flow, with a quick yes/no...

With a few quick yes/no answers, you can identify your current creative block and discover what it will take to get back into flow.

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Helping you help you cover all the bases in creating your Dream Career, ASAP.

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Knowing how to offer email coaching can open up some wonderful new possibilities for your business and your life.

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About Danielle

I’m a writer, designer and creativity coach. 

After 24+ years as a creative professional, alongside my adventures writing and self-publishing 4 books, I’ve learned A LOT about inspiration and the creative process.

So, 8 years ago, I began gathering everything I’ve learned – how to find the time, energy and confidence for more creative expression (and why this improves your life), as well as how to find more joy, fun and ease along the way. 

(I’m a big believer in enjoying the journey.)

And now I share my insights via my free coaching gifts and tools, books, blog, email coaching service and online courses.

My aim is to serve as a virtual coach and cheerleader for your precious creative spirit.

Because life is better when you create what you’re here to create. 

And happy creatives are good for the planet.

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New to Creativity Coaching?

Take a baby step with the Starter Kit.

A short introduction to the principles of creative support, including a Taster Coaching Experience.

A holistic approach + mindset coaching = a healthier, happier creative life

Susanne Kurz creativity coaching client testimonial

The power of words and writing things down is bigger than you can ever imagine.

When I signed up for Story Well I needed help with my marketing emails and channelling my

What I’ve gained was way more than that.

Danielle helped me to tap into my inner wisdom and encouraged me in her unique and empowering way to find my voice
and it also opened up the healing benefits of writing things down when I feel like it.

As always thank you for your wonderful support, Danielle.

Sue McPhee

Mindful Sewing Coach
Tawona Pearson Zenful Life Purpose

I always enjoy reading your blogs!

Your creative wit and openness is so inspiring.

You seamlessly blend in your personality, metaphysical-like charms and Dharmic wisdon in every blog!

I don’t know how you do it!

Tawona Pearson

Teacher, Healer, Poet.
Susanne Kurz creativity coaching client testimonial

I’m forever grateful that you have introduced me to writing poems.

Something I would have never tried nor even thought about trying.

Cheers to that and more wonderful ideas and especially finished projects.

To a never-ending connection.  🙂

Susanne Kurz

Inspirational Sewing Instructor
Laura Burgoine testimonical danielle raine

“I can’t thank you enough, Danielle.

I’m stunned by how transformative just one month has been working with you.
I feel like I’m so much more in line with my creative self
and life is just simpler and easier now.

The resistance has lost a lot of its power.”

Laura Burgoine

writer & broadcaster
Anna Niesler artist coach

“It surely helped me to develop a more positive self-talk towards myself
and made me feel more serene during those six transformative weeks.

The link between wellbeing and creativity is one of the most important lessons
that one can learn on this creative path.”

Anna Niesler

artist + coach
Rhoda Shapiro

“Not only have I been able to crush a lot of those creative blocks and be more productive,
working with Danielle has enhanced every aspect of my life. 

It has brought me more energy, more confidence to really keep going,
to keep moving toward my goals, toward my vision, toward my dreams.”

Rhoda Shapiro

actress + author

“Danielle is knowledgeable, kind, caring, and she absolutely delivers
on her promise of helping build the framework and foundation
for your creative email coaching business.

I would highly recommend her support!”

Alea Marie Quiles

intuitive coach + healer
nicola depuis author

“Just finished working with this wonderful Creative Coach, Danielle Raine,
and I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to
beat procrastination and get back to having fun with the creative muse!

Oh, and her pampering programme gives the whole creative process a wonderful kick-start.

Thanks Danielle!”

Nicola Depuis


“I feel so much more positive and clear on my direction,
and I
really have to thank you for that!”

Sally Harrison

money coach + founder of Peak Profit
Tracy Ryan Jastrow intuitive yogi

“I have been working with Danielle for a few weeks now and she has been a great inspiration.

I have somehow managed to fit in time to start painting and journaling
without sacrificing time with my family.

Feeling accountable to providing updates to Danielle has made me accountable to myself and my ME time.

Thanks Danielle, you’re lovely! xo”

Tracy Ryan Jastrow

founder of Intuitive Yogi


... because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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