becoming a creativity coach origin story my background calling & credentials


My background, my calling my credentials.

How my obsession with the creative process began
with an Art School epiphany in 1993.

…over 20 years ago, in a small town in the North of England, there lived a young art student.

It’s summer. 1993.

I’m loving life as an art student in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate.

I’m blissfully immersed in an Art Foundation Course – a year of exploring the various disciplines of art and design: sculpture, fine art, graphic design, drawing, painting, building and making.

Creative heaven.

But my beloved course is coming to an end.

The glue is drying on my final portfolio piece.

My paint-spattered studio desk is empty and clear.

I have just a few days left before I head back to my parents and a part-time job in the dog-food factory.

There’s just one last chance for some creative fun:

The competition to design the flyer for the End of Year Show.

It’s optional: no pressure, no tutors to impress or curriculum to follow.

It’s that rare and beautiful thing; an open brief.

Total freedom of expression.

And the night before the deadline, I’m sitting on the floor of my tiny lilac room, cutting and pasting and playing in my happy realm of paper and ink, collage and colour.

In the background, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are clowning around on my little portable TV perched hazardously on the edge of the sink. (It is a really tiny room).

I suddenly become aware that I feel completely happy. And free.

I’m struck by the sheer joy of creating for its own sake.

It’s almost a trance. (What I will later learn is called the flow state.)

And I’m so deeply absorbed in my creative bliss, that I’m actually quite startled when I finally emerge from it and review my handiwork.

It feels a bit like waking from a happy dream.

But unlike a dream, I have a very real new creation in my hands.

A colourful, fun, ink-splashed design that breaks many of the rules I’ve been learning.

It doesn’t look like anything I’ve created before.

I can just imagine what my favourite tutor Mike will call it:

A creative and original solution.

The kind of thing he likes to see.

becoming a creativity coach origin story art school prize winning work
danielle raine becoming a creativity coach origin story art school photo
I feel slightly puzzled about how I’ve managed to produce such carefree and playful work.

I hadn’t planned to, I don’t even remember being conscious of the process.

In fact, this new work is so much less restrained than any of my previous methodical pieces, I even feel a bit nervous and vulnerable about putting my name to it.

But I find the nerve to submit my entry, and to my amazement…

It wins!

My entry is selected to represent the entire college.

I’m so thrilled to have won, though I can’t quite believe that my work has been chosen to be plastered on lamp-posts all over town.

It’s a welcome and happy boost to my fragile creative confidence.

I christen the piece, my French & Saunders design, because I believe I must have been ‘channelling Dawn and Jennifer’s comedy vibe’ as I created it.

And its creation has got me thinking…

How is our creativity affected by what’s going on around us as we create?

How do our different moods and mindsets show up in our creations?

And what exactly are the magical ingredients of sparking that blissful, magical flow state?!

I’m curious, but at 19 I don’t realise that these questions will spark a journey of discovery that will lead me – in a twisty-turny way – to my dream career…

creativity coaching dream career home office garden view

{ Designing virtual gifts and coaching tools from my creative cave…

My kind of heaven. }

Cut to 25 years later and I’ve never stopped analysing the creative process.

Decades of experience

With over two decades in the creative realm as a designer, copywriter, blogger, author, publisher and entrepreneur –  my roller coaster creative journey has made me a great Guinea Pig.

My own experiences have helped me understand what makes the process easier and more fun – and what has the opposite effect.

I’ve become obsessed with understanding the nature of creative magic – reading hundreds of books and articles about artists, writers, creative genius, the flow state, inspiration, and all aspects of the creative process, from the mundane to the divine.

becoming a creativity coach reading pile creativity books private study

{ A couple of decades of private study = a LOT of books. }

A Dream Career

Yet this study is still a work in progress – and I’m glad it is!

It’s my favourite puzzle.

And there are always new revelations to find.

But my favourite discovery is this one:

There ARE simple ways to make the creative process easier, more enjoyable and more inspired. 

I know because I’ve found them and used them with great success – for myself and my clients.

And as I learn to ease my own creative struggles, I feel increasingly called to share this wisdom with anyone else brave enough to explore a creative life.

Because the more I learn about our minds, our nature, our potential, our natural inclinations and the creative process itself – the more peace I find.

Not just in my creative work, but across my whole life.

I’ve come to know in my heart that creative expression, and finding joy in the journey, are not only vital keys to a life well lived – they can be a fast-track to our ultimate happiness and fulfilment.

And so now I feel it’s my mission to share these simple strategies – to help other soul-seeking creatives find more joy and ease in their creative journeys, and more peace, meaning and fulfilment in their lives.

I think Dawn & Jennifer would approve.

danielle raine creativity coach

creativity coaching credentials

A selection of my official credentials, accreditaTions, experience and areas of private study

Creativity Coach + course tutor : 2014 – present

Founder of Creative Well : 2019 – present

Creativity Editor (Empowered Wellness Magazine) : 2016 – 2019

Founder of Kirkman Raine Books / Libre Nine Books : 2009 – present

Web designer & Online Digital Marketing Executive : 1993 – present

Private study/obsession with the creative process : 1993 – present

• • •


Creativity Coaches Association: Creativity Coaching Training – Advanced

Creativity Coaches Association: Creativity Coaching Training – Basic

Buckingham University : The Psychology of Luck (Research Project)

Camberwell College of Art / Manchester Met : BA (Hons) – Communication Media

Harrogate College of Art: Foundation Art & Design

• • •




Stained-Glass Window Making


    Creative Writing


    Business & Marketing

    Sales Psychology

    Success Psychology

    Positive Psychology

    Metaphysics & spirituality

    Branding Design

    Personal Finance & Wealth Consciousness

    Creativity, creative minds & the creative process

    Flow state & inspiration

    Integrative Nutrition

    Kundalini Yoga




Diamond Feng Shui with Marie Diamond

B-School with Marie Forleo

Optimise Your Creative Life with Christina Greve

Story Marketing with Kylie Slavik

RA MA Business School

Money Beautifully with Polly Alexandre

Surrender Into Success with Jessica Caver Lindholm

Life Purpose Project with Gina DeVee

Femmepire with Melanie Ann Layer

Noticed with Cerries Mooney

Clarity, Clients & Cash with Rebecca T Dickson

Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon

Spiritual Millionaire with T Harv Eker

Selling Online Courses with Leonie Dawson

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