The Creative Power of Whim and Fancy

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Did you know whim and Fancy is a creative fuel?

Today I’d like to share with you the creative power of whim and fancy – a lesson I learned from my recent month of non-stop decorating. 

We’re finally selling our house, after buying it as a 2-year renovation project.

Fifteen years ago. (So much for the best laid plans…)

Although I had a huge amount of work to do over the last month, I was actually a very happy bunny because I had complete and utter freedom with my timetable

This really suits how I love to work; Planning, organising and creating a comprehensive To Do list – then doing whatever I feel like.

Without pressure or urgency. 

Free to respond to each whim and every fancy. 

And boy, did I get stuff done!

Here’s a little evidence of my labours….


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The Creative Power of Whim and Fancy

As a result of my free-flow schedule and To Do List liberty – I was a Decorating Dynamo! 

Armed with my vision of the end result, I harnessed what I’ve come to call, The Creative Power of Whim and Fancy. 

I noticed that I was far more productive, efficient and happy, when I did whichever tasks felt the most appealing or inspiring.

The work just flowed.

Things went my way.

People and events ‘mysteriously’ lined up to meet my plans. 

Even though I was busy, the work felt effortless.

So I was able to do far more than if I’d forced myself to stick to an uninspiring schedule, which can be so draining and depressing. 

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Productivity tip for joy-seekers

Inpired by my happy results, here’s my tip to help you enjoy more effortless ease and joyful productivity:

If you have a major project that you’d like to get moving on, and you also want to actually enjoy the process: 

Can you harness the creative power of whim & fancy? 

Can you create a degree of freedom to do whichever tasks appeal the most? 

Can you spend some time on general planning and organising and envisioning, but without setting concrete deadlines and schedules? 

This approach leaves room for you to tune into whatever you feel inspired to do, helping you enjoy the work and build momentum, making you far more likely to complete more and more of the required tasks. 


There’s less need for discipline and will power when you feel naturally inspired to do a task.

The carrot is so much more powerful than the stick.

So, if you have a project in mind that you long to do but can’t seem to get moving with, I invite you to play with the fun and freedom of just going with the flow, indulging in whims and following whatever task takes your fancy. 

I realise this kind of freedom is not always an option, but the more you explore this approach, the more you’ll see areas where you are free to tap into your natural tendencies – which makes any task so much more enjoyable. 

 • • •

So there you have it – my happy productivity tip from the decorating trenches. 

I hope you find this helpful, and if you’re tempted to try it, I’d love to hear your results. 

Wishing you a lovely week of whatever takes your whim and fancy. 

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• • •

PS Speaking of fanciful whims, I’m planning another writing retreat to work on my next online creativity course for my fellow joy-seekers. (Bliss…) 

But if you’d like some help in finding your own creative bliss, you can take a baby step towards your visions, goals and dreams with my Holistic Creativity Coaching Starter Kit.

It’s like a virtual support system – from my creative cave to yours. 

And I’d love to support you in finding more flow and fulfilment in the creative projects that are close to your heart. 

Because life gets really magical when you do. 🙂

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