Creativity for Humanity

How your Joy Works serve the world

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Did you know your creative joy can be a humanitarian act?

Discover the triple ripple effect of the Creativity for Humanity movement, and how your happiest expression serves the world.

Creative works uplift the world.

Movies soothe broken hearts.

Music inspires greatness.

Art uplifts our spirits. 

Books ignite our minds. 

Creative works heal us. 

They uplift us, inspire us, soothe us, and delight us.

Often – by some curious magic – when we need it the most.

And if you feel called to a creative life or a particular vision, passion or project, I believe there’s a place in the world – a space in the world – for your creative works.

Your Joy Works will serve to uplift and inspire your fellow humans.

What you have to give will be a uniquely perfect offering – one that will heal souls, soothe hearts, ease suffering or spark spirits.

What you want to create, share or offer to the world is needed.

And I believe my work, my calling, is to support you.

Because, for its joys, the creative path can be a bumpy one.


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Creative Living – The Call of the Brave

A creative life can be beneficial in so many ways, yet there are many inherent challenges.

There are confusing paradoxes to master, fears and doubts to navigate.

There are myriad ways that resistance can show up and hold us back from the works we love so much.

I’ve been studying the creative process and lifestyle since an Art School Epiphany in 1993.

In all that time, I’ve also been in the trenches as a creative professional, bumping up against the common challenges, scraping my knees, falling down and getting back up.

As you can imagine, 3 decades of study, practice, experimentation, have taught me a lot about what works well, and what doesn’t.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing I’ve learned is that so many of the most effective remedies are simple, easy and very often fun!

This is why I’ve been committed to sharing my insights and stories on my blogs since 2009, a mission that has grown into a suite of books, online courses and a dream career as a Creativity Coach.

All in service to making these simple remedies accessible to all my kindred spirits who can’t resist the call of the creative life.

Because the golden thread through all my work is this idea of creativity for humanity and how it can be a threefold blessing – for you, your loved ones, and the world.

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Creativity for Humanity – A Win-Win-Win

I believe that helping you do the creative work you love is a triple gift to humanity. 

Because when you overcome the blocks and obstacles to your healthiest, happiest, creative expression, when you bring to life the work that calls your soul..

Everyone wins.

You are naturally happier, calmer and kinder.

As a result, your loved ones and community benefit from you being more of your best self.

And the works you create fill their place in the world, serving to uplift and inspire your audience.

The ripple effects of you enjoying your creative passions reach around the world.

And the positive energy created by your decision to express your unique gifts is a blessing that goes even beyond the hearts and minds you touch with your work.

This is Creativity for Humanity.

It’s powerful, positive, and very much needed.

And it starts with you.

It starts with your creative joy and your devotion to what lights you up.

The magic begins when you value, honour and prioritise your creative dreams.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – not just for you, but for your loved ones, your audience and the wider world.

Your creative expression is a humanitarian act. 

And becoming a healthy, happy, inspired and productive creative is a blessing for the entire planet.

• • • 

So is it time to prioritise those creative dreams of yours?!

I hope my mission has inspired you to think about the important role your Joy Works will play in the world, and to give them more of the quality time and attention they deserve. 

And if you’d like my brand of inspiration in your corner as you do, it will be my honour and privilege to support you.

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Over to you…

If you’re ready to take your creative devotion to the next level, I’ve packaged all my learnings into a beautiful treasury of resources designed to guide, inspire, and support you.

It’s my entire body of work for creatives, called the Creative Well Membership.

There’s even a handy flow chart to help you see exactly which is the next step for you in your unique journey.

You can find more details here, along with a Founders Rate that I hope will inspire you to carve out a new, elevated place in your life for the creative work that’s calling you.

Because it’s calling you for a reason.

The world needs your creative contribution.

And we’re waiting for your gifts.

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Like a Masters Degree in creative living. 

“No one can do what you can do.
We are waiting on your greatness. ”


The creative process is a unique challenge. 

And creatives need a special kind of support. 

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