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If you’re wondering how to offer email coaching, where to start, and what basics you need in place, this short Beginner’s Guide online course is for you.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Email Coaching

Coaching is a booming industry, and email coaching is a relatively new format that’s becoming increasingly popular and in demand.

With all the cultural shifts of recent years, these trends look set to continue.

As the world moves towards more freedom-friendly and healthful work practices, email coaching is well placed to become a viable and enjoyable career option for both established and aspiring coaches.

Who is Email Coaching for?

Whether you are…

new to coaching and feel more comfortable with the email format

or an established coach looking for more flexibility and freedom

…knowing how to offer email coaching can open up some wonderful new possibilities for your business and your life.

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Welcome to this info-packed 5-Day Online Coaching Course

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Email Coaching Basics & Best Practices

Plus behind-the-scenes of an established email coaching business.

9 Years of Email Coaching Expertise

I’ve been offering email coaching in my own business since 2014.

Back then, as a new coach, I was keen to help people with my expertise, but I wasn’t lit up by the prospect of Discovery Calls, calendar scheduling or spending all day on the phone.

And as a busy mum of two young boys, I was looking for a format that I could fit into my family life and responsibilities, but also where I could devote my best energy to my clients, (during those lovely pockets of calm during the school hours…).

Email coaching provided the solution. 

It was a way to help others, create an income from my expertise and my desire to share my knowledge, and still enjoy the family-friendly lifestyle that was important to me.

It took a few years to learn how to reach clients and connect with the kind of people I loved to work with, but over time, I built up a business that allowed me to do work that I loved on my own terms, and help my lovely clients enjoy some fabulous results.

Along the way, I learned a lot about what works really well, and what should work in theory, but didn’t work in practice, at least for me. (I’ve since figured out why that happens.)

Hi! I’m Danielle

Danielle Raine Email Coaching Expert

creative coach danielle raine l

You can read more about my journey to email coaching here. 

And now I’d love to share my hard-won lessons with you,
so that you can shortcut your learning curve and fast-track your own success.

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Email Coaching Works.

For almost a decade, I’ve worked exclusively via email, coaching a continually growing audience, and working successfully with many happy clients who were delighted to have this format available to them.

Many of my clients have gone on to become cherished connections, returning to work with me again and again.

Because email coaching works. 

For anyone unable or unwilling to commit to regular phone calls, video calls or in-person meetings, it can be an inspiring and highly effective solution.

And it is a fabulous option for those of us who are more introverted. (Click here to read more about why email coaching is so perfect for introverts.)

In terms of the global industry, not many coaches offer email coaching packages, (and even fewer offer support with creating your own email coaching package). 

If your Dream Clients would prefer this format, your new service offering could be the answer to their prayers – and this step-by-step programme can help you create it.

So, if you feel called to share your wisdom, experience and knowledge with others via this flexible and lifestyle-friendly format, I would love to share all I’ve learned on my journey with you.

“Huge thank you for designing this course and for such great prompts and questions.

For me it’s gone bigger than just email coaching 🙂

It has allowed me to feel free and unconstrained in my thinking and boosted my confidence.”


Beautiful Bountiful Yoga

Over the course of 5 days in this mini-course, you’ll discover…

woman email coach laptop working from home style

The simple tech setup you need to get started. (You probably already have most of these!) 

My recommended Email Coaching Best Practices that will help you stay organised, work at your best and feel like a true professional.

The mindset tips I wish I’d known ten years ago! These could save you many wasted days or weeks pursuing the wrong objectives for you.

The things you need in place before you begin – so that you feel excited and confident to start connecting with your audience.

What to do, in what order, to get up and running ASAP.

“I have found it all so useful. I am blown away with all the wealth of knowledge you have.

I love that you use design and the spiritual, holistic approach it is all very inspiring.

You are already a great mentor just over this short course.”

Dawn G,

Shortcut your learning curve with a fast-track guide to email coaching basics.

Discover in 5 days the tips, insights and precautions that took me almost a decade to learn. 




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Email Coaching In Action

NB: This course is a Hybrid Coaching Course.

You can start anytime, you can go at your own pace, AND you have Q&A access – so you can get your unique questions answered.

My coaching responses will be shared with you in the Q&A Zone of the course portal, giving you firsthand experience of the potential and effectiveness of the written word as a support modality.

You also get to benefit from all your peers’ questions and coaching responses in the Q&A Zones.

This means you get to enjoy all of the convenience and flexibility of a self-study programme, as well as the personal support and guidance of live coaching.

Click here to read more about the many benefits of Hybrid Coaching Courses.

A Step-by-step Quick Start Guide


Setting up the online business basics.


Identifying your target audience and designing a marketing mix you LOVE.


The resources I recommend after years of trial and error.


All you need to get started.


DOs & DON'Ts

The lessons I learned the hard way (so you don’t have to).



Solutions for common blocks, worries and obstacles.


Recommendations for cultivating a success mindset.


Priceless insights from my 25-year career in online marketing.



This online programme is a kind of hybrid between the Private Coaching option and a Self-Study course, which I hope will make it both accessible and supportive.

I’m also including a Q&A coaching element, so that you can get your particular questions answered – I want to convey the potential and flexibility of the written word – the foundation of email coaching..

I’ll also be sharing all the answers from all participants in an Answer Vault, so you can learn from your fellow email coaches’ questions, too.

And to help you feel fully supported as you get going, I’m providing a Follow Up Coaching Check-In, to help you maintain your momentum and stay clear on your Next Steps.

You also have virtual access to…

creativity coaching by email info pack iphone desk

marketing expertise

Insights and tips from my 25-year career in digital marketing, including:

Core marketing principles


Graphic Design

Social Media marketing

Email marketing

Content marketing & blogging

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Website design

Online course creation

Coaching via email laptop bookcase

coaching experience

Tips and tools from my 8 years of coaching experience:

Developing packages you love to offer

Coaching with confidence

Email coaching best practices


notebooks email coaching business lifestyle

mindset mastery

Plus two decades of private studies into:

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Holistic health, energy & wellbeing

Psychology & spirituality

(Three aspects that can turbo-charge your business and career success.)

All you need to fast-track your new email coaching business.




Investment : £111


{Your payment is redeemable against the Email Coaching Private Mentorship if you choose to upgrade in the future.}

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• 5 Daily Lessons
• Online Q&A Coaching Support – your questions answered
• Follow Up Support & Coaching Check In
• My Little Black Book of Tried & Tested Tools
• Behind-the-scenes of my email coaching business
• Email coaching best practices
• Guidance for Next Steps

• Plus…
The key ingredient that guarantees you will LOVE your new business – especially if you’re more introverted or uncomfortable with self-promotion.

I look forward to sharing all I’ve learned in setting up an email coaching business, so you can begin enjoying the many wonderful benefits for yourself – ASAP. 

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Laura Burgoine testimonial danielle raine“I can’t thank you enough, Danielle.
I’m stunned by how transformative just one month has been working with you.”

 Laura Burgoine, Writer & Broadcaster



“Danielle is knowledgeable, kind, caring, and she absolutely delivers on her promise of helping build the framework and foundation for your creative email coaching business.

I would highly recommend her support!”

Alea Marie, Coach & Healer

Maya Neal email coaching testimonial pic“As a seasoned therapist who already coaches my online clients via email, I took Danielle’s Email Coaching course on a bit of a whim, when contemplating the idea of expanding my email service.

It’s super well organized and content rich.

If you already know how to coach, you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to begin coaching by email, and what the benefits are to you and your clients.

Don’t skip the blog posts, they’re gems!

Danielle’s positivity is contagious, you’ll feel empowered.

Maya Neal, Marriage & Family Therapist

Client Results for the Email Coaching Business Mentorship: 

how to offer email coaching woman writing notes notebook laptop cafe
• Received a wealth of insider tips on email coaching
• Able to fast-track setting up this new service
• No longer feeling shy about coaching via email and promoting the service
• Making progress on the path to a dream career
• Feeling more positive and inspired about this new offering
• Food for thought on formats and next directions
• Learned new skills and extra resources that they can share with their own clients
• Seeing the value and benefits of email coaching
• Discovering new and different ways of offering email coaching and reaching clients
• Made more progress in a single week of 1:1 email coaching than in months of a group mentorship

Got questions?

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions
for this Beginner’s Guide short course…

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Does email coaching really work?

From my years of studying the creative process, I’ve learned that written correspondence can be a powerful mode of coaching for all kinds of people, not just writers and creatives.

Click here to discover more about the benefits of email coaching, why it works and why I love it.

Or click here to hear why my clients love it, too.

Will this help find more clients?

Yes, this course is designed to help you find more clarity about the potential clients you want to reach and the best way to reach them, based on a foundational strategy that I call the Secret To Success business planning. (This guarantees you will truly enjoy your new email coaching venture.) 

There is also a substantial section designed to guide you in connecting with the people you’d love to work with – and feeling good about how you market your business!

How does email coaching differ from business coaching, regular coaching or life coaching?

Email coaching is simply the format of sharing wisdom, support and guidance.

It’s infinitely flexible and could be used in any of the popular coaching fields, such as business coaching and life coaching, where written interactions can deliver inspiring and productive results.

Can I try this course and then upgrade to coaching support?

Yes, you can upgrade within a fortnight of beginning the course.

So, if you begin the course and know you’d prefer 1:1 support, your enrolment fee is redeemable towards my Email Coaching Private Coaching options.

And you have a little while after the course to see if you would rather implement on your own or upgrade to receive coaching

How long can I access the course?
This course is already bursting with valuable insights and I envisage increasing it to a larger 4 week programme at some point.
However, all participants will receive lifetime access to any future versions – so if now is a good time for you to get some support and guidance with your email coaching business, you’ll also be able to benefit from the new expanded curriculum in the months ahead. 🙂
How is the material delivered?

Upon enrolment, you receive your login details and immediate access to my learning portal, Creative Well, where the course will be hosted.

Then you’ll receive daily emails to notify you of new lessons and any follow up material.

You’ll also receive information about asking your questions and where all the answers will be posted.

You can access your course portal at any time, and your enrolment includes lifetime access to the material.

This course is just one of my many Hybrid Courses that harness the best of online coaching methods with the freedom and flexibility of a self-study approach. If you’re new to this format, you can find more about the benefits here: The Benefits of Hybrid Coaching Courses


Can you share more about your own journey in becoming a coach?

I’d love to!

I’m always very happy to share my lessons, insights and experience – I believe the more aligned, happy and successful coaches in the world, the better for everyone.

I’ve put together a quick summary of my coaching journey here:

My journey to becoming a creativity coach

Do you help with websites?

I’ve been a web designer for over twenty years, so I have lots of tips and ideas to help you in setting up your website.

However, if you’d like your web design done for you, I offer preferential rates on my web design packages.

(You can view my portfolio here.)

Please get in touch for full details.

Why is the price an odd number?

I love to align my pricing with the principles of numerology – the ancient science of numbers.

In numerology, 1 is the number of pioneering leadership, innovation and new beginnings – an inspiring springboard for your new email coaching adventures.



What's the refund policy?

As this is such a short course and I’m sharing decades of valuable experience, all sales are final and payments are non-refundable.

If you’re not 100% sure this is the right investment for you and your business, or whether my teaching style is a good fit for you, please explore my blog and free resources to learn more about my work and my approach.

I just have a couple of questions...

I’d love to hear them! Please feel free to email me.

Investing in support can be a big step, so I’m more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Feedback for the Email Coaching Business Mentorship: 
“My results way exceeded my expectations. Danielle, you went above and beyond. You provided me with so much of value.”
“Exceeded expectations; Danielle is a wonderful coach/guide.”

“I am starting my coaching practice and came across email coaching as an option. I have never heard of this type of coaching before.

Danielle provided all the answers to my questions
and did some email coaching with me.

She went above and beyond my expectations.

We also did some coaching on creativity.

I came away with the tools I need to add email coaching to my own practice and some creativity tools to add to my personal growth.”


Leesa Ferrell, Life Coach

“This lady is brilliant!

I highly recommend her.”


Jessica Caver Lindholm, Success Coach

“All of us are teachers for each other. 
This is a tremendous, priceless service.”

~ Fredric Lehrman

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