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Hi! I’m Danielle.

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SINCE 1993

After 3 decades of study and practice, I’ve learned that…

Joyful, soul-aligned creative expression
can be a fast-track to a life of
health, wealth, happiness,
fulfilment and meaning.

My work is designed for people who feel called to that vision.

I help them with the mindset, energy, resources
and structure they need to;

do the creative work that their soul is craving

design and create the best possible version of their everyday life
(if it’s possible – why not go for the best?)

discover their dharma, purpose and right livelihood

& enjoy the journey.

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I’m a writer, designer and creativity coach.

I’ve been obsessed with the creative process and the nature of inspiration, flow etc… since my epiphany at Art College in 1993.

For almost three decades, I’ve been studying the optimum ways to align with our creative potential, purpose, and power, driven by a few simple questions;

What’s possible?

What’s meant for us?

How can we design and create our best lives?

And how much can we enjoy the journey?

I’m devoted to discovering the healthiest and happiest route to the Good Life of expression, wellness, success and purpose.

With over 25 years as a creative professional, plus my recent adventures writing and self-publishing 4 books, I’ve learned A LOT about inspiration and the nature of creativity – particularly how to make the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

(Joy is a major theme for me.)

Now my work is to share everything I’ve learned;

• How to find the time, energy and confidence for more creative expression

• Why creativity is so important for living well

• How to access more of that lovely, life-enhancing flow

• How to feel more inspired, more easily, more reliably, and more often

After decades of experimenting in my own life and studying the lives of great creatives, I first began sharing my findings via my blog in 2009, followed by an email coaching service in 2014.

I have also been offering online coaching and self-study courses for creatives for almost 10 years, and I now have a suite of signature programmes for the various challenges of the creative life;


A bespoke selection of inspiring resources to help you enjoy more faith in yourself, your work and your life.


Where I share all I’ve learned about the link between creativity and wellness;


A series of simple tools and practices for reducing the blocks to your innate creative flow – paving the way for subtle yet powerful shifts, from the inside out.


Designed to help soul-driven creatives find their sweet spot of joyful expression, contribution and commercial success.

My speciality is a holistic approach. 

Because we are complex, multi-faceted,
multi-passionate humans.

And creativity is rarely linear. 

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Through my creativity blog, free coaching tools, email coaching services, and online creativity courses, my aim is to serve as a virtual coach and cheerleader for your precious creative spirit.

Because I truly believe that healthy, happy and fulfilled creatives are a blessing to humanity, and a much-needed source of inspiration, for all of us. 

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Because happy creatives are good for the planet… 

Discovering the link between creativity and… everything! 

My life changed dramatically when – after years of neglect – I finally began to give my creativity the attention it deserves.

Not only did I get to enjoy a happy new creative outlet and the bliss of creative expression.

But there were also life-enhancing ripple effects that changed so much of who I am and how I live – for the better.

• Chronic health issues just faded away.
• My relationships improved.
• A strong, confident, healthy new sense of self began to blossom and grow.
• My wellbeing and energy reset to a higher, happier new level.

In short, life got so much better in so many ways.

All because I gave some attention to my creative spirit and prioritised the expression that was bursting to be set free.

And so now, like all new converts, I want to share the magic…

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My Mission

I now feel my work is to support others who are hearing the call of their creative spirit.

Because I believe in our creative dreams.

I believe we have them for a reason. We all have a beautiful, unique and valuable creative spirit that has gifts for the planet, gifts that only we can deliver.

I believe that our creativity is a force within us and we are designed to express our creativity in a way that thrills us and lights us up and leaves us fulfilled, satisfied, generous and in love with life.

I believe that nurturing our creative voice can enhance our health and wellbeing – mind, body and spirit.

I believe that inspiration is a connection with the divine, a connection that nourishes and supports us, a connection that strengthens the more we are open to it.

I believe that I am here to support and nurture fragile creative spirits, and help them find their fullest, most joyful and life-affirming expression in the world.

I believe in your brilliance and the vital role it has to play, for all of us.

And I believe my gifts are helping you create what you are here to create – and enjoy the journey.

What’s next? 

My current focus is creating a fabulous learning experience for my clients and course students in my new online courses portal, Creative Well.

My vision is to have a beautiful and inspiring online platform for people whose creativity is important to them, somewhere they can find the resources and guidance they need to keep going – and enjoy the journey.

A wellspring of inspiration, guidance and expert support, for living creatively and well.

I am also working on a Gift Shop, where my coaching gifts will be available for everyone, as well as a range of fun gifts for creatives of all types.

My favourite gift is already available – a year of guided to devotion to your creativity in the form of a VIP Access All Areas Pass.

I’d love to see you over on Creative Well!

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After receiving numerous enquiries about my Email Coaching experience, I now offer a couple of support programmes to share all I’ve learned about this uniquely flexible and freedom-friendly coaching format. 

1:1 Email Coaching Business Mentorship:
How to set up an Email Coaching Business from scratch

Online Coaching Course:
How to Offer Email Coaching – A Beginner’s Guide

I also share the many benefits of Email Coaching, as well as why it is so perfect for writers and more introverted types

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My current work-in-progress;

Gifts for creatives & an all access pass

Take a baby step today with the new Starter Kit…

New for 2022…


An introduction to the principles & support of the creativity coaching experience.

The latest from the blog…

Back To School September Special 2023

Back To School September Special 2023

A September Special for Creatives – to celebrate one of my favourite months and that inspiring Back To School energy with a gift that lasts all year…

...because healthy, happy & inspired creatives are good for the world. 

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