Why housework is good for creativity

This creativity / housework quote from Agatha Christie is #27 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit series.

(Which is now available as a book! More details below.)

From domestic strive to the creative life…

It’s Creativity Quote time again and this topic is one very close to my heart, so I’ve got a double-dose for you.

This week’s source may seem a strange choice for a series on creativity, but I’m guessing that most creatives have homes, many have housemates and a fair proportion may feel (as I did) that they were put on the planet for more important work than dusting and laundry.

Also, you may recognise the author… 😉

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Housework Blues & Creative Living

The above words are my own, taken from my first foray into the publishing world;

Housework Blues – A Survival Guidehousework blues danielle raine

Although I’ve moved on from my days of domestic overload, there are still a good many ideas from the book that I employ on a regular basis, including the idea above.

One of the aims of the book was to highlight the potential benefits to be found in the domestic realm, (it’s true – there are some!)

And I’m sharing this here because many of these benefits are particularly valuable to creative types.

For example;

• the link between boredom and creative genius.

• the effect of repetitive, rhythmical actions on your brain waves.

• the monotonous daily tasks that can act as magnets to the elusive muse

There’s even a whole section on creativity. (You can read that section in full here: Getting creative with domestic chores)

Housework, quotes & legendary creatives

So, if you ever use domestic overload as an excuse reason for not getting round to your creative dreams, I hope you enjoy these tips and insights designed to dispel that particular demon.

And to back-up my claim that the mundane and domestic can be good for your creative life, I offer you these words from a famous writer who knew a thing or two about getting her great work done and out into the world…

agatha christie quote housework best time to write a book copy

Feng shui & creative spirits

If you’re a creative who is blessed with a home to keep, I hope you find this week’s words of wisdom helpful.

And since the feng shui of clean and tidy spaces will uplift your creative spirits, I’ll leave you with a few more words from Housework Blues, in the hope that it inspires you to show your creative temple a little TLC… 

“Rhythmical, repetitive actions, especially if carried out on auto-pilot, lull your brain into a meditative state.

This alpha rhythm is highly conducive to creativity – when you are most likely to be struck by inspired thought, right-brain insights, brilliant ideas and intuitive prompts.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of your chores and the solution to a recent quandary ‘mysteriously’ popped into your head?

When your brain is in housework mode, it quietly deals with complex problems without you even noticing.

So you’re not just vacuuming, you’re channelling your creative genius.”

Till next week – happy housework! 

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