How to use email to access your creative genius

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Would you like email access to your creative genius?

Which tech tool is the simplest, yet possibly most powerful way to get creative juices flowing?


The humble email app can be a fun and easy way to access the creative genius within.

It’s a technique I use a lot with my clients, and they’re always amazed by the results.

But first, here’s what insightful coach Michael Neill has to say about the ever-present nature of your innate creative genius…


“Your creative genius is never broken.

The power is always on.

It’s just we can disconnect.”

Michael Neill

Now that you know your creative genius is always available to inspire and enlighten you, would you like a ridiculously simple way to access it? 

Here’s how you can use your email app to tap into more breakthrough ideas and genius insights….


How to use email to access your creative genius

Whenever you’ve hit a creative block, open up your email on whatever device is on hand–and draft an email to your creative mind.

It may sound crazy, but crazy or not, your mind will respond, and often with creative new solutions that had been eluding you.

All you need to do is this…

1. Open a new email, address it to your Inner Genius, or your Muse, or your Creative Self–whatever you prefer.

2. Pose your current question or challenge in the message box, stating what kind of answers you’re looking for, or the Ideal Solution.

Often this process is enough to jump-start some new ideas.

3. That’s it!

You then save the draft and get on with your day.

4. Now all you need to stay open to new ideas and be on the lookout for any fresh perspectives and insights that can help you with your quandary, challenge or project. 


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Genius insights & creative inspiration

Your solution-seeking subconscious can’t help but get to work behind the scenes, and you’ll find that answers will begin to appear in your mind over the hours and days ahead.

And when they do, your draft email is the perfect place to capture these inspired breakthroughs.

Over time, you’ll build up a collection of these ‘conversations’, and they can reveal some fascinating and helpful insights on your creative process.

It’s such a ridiculously simple technique!

And when you turn to it more often, it becomes a reliable tool for sparking inspiration whenever you need it.

Let me know if you give it a go. 🙂  

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