Inspiring & powerful short prayers for creatives

short inspiring prayers for creatives and creativity

Short Inspiring Prayers – Designed for Creatives

As my collection of prayers designed specifically to help creatives seems to be steadily growing, I thought it would be helpful to have the full collection available in one place.

Please feel free to pin, share, download or print as inspired.

 never fear prayer for anxiety worry fear

Click to read the short story behind this creative prayer. 

(And my theory for why it works like magic!) 

short inspiring prayers for creatives wine o clock prayer praise the god of all drink the wine

Click to read more about the handsome Hollywood star

who inspired this soul-soothing gem.

short inspiring prayers Gratitude prayer for grace joy peace - from your creative dharma

Fast-acting spiritual relief in seconds – click to find out more.

short inspiring prayers for creatives gratitude prayer to relax and trust

My go-to prayer for any situation – works miracles. 

Hi! I'm Danielle.

creative coach danielle raine

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Enjoy more divine upgrades for your creative journey...


A bespoke selection of inspiring resources to help you enjoy more faith in yourself, your work and your life.

(Because faith is a creative superpower…)

creative faith light prism fractal spectrum

“Faith is not blind, it's visionary.


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