Gratitude prayer for grace, joy and peace

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Gratitude prayer for grace joy peace - from your creative dharma
This gratitude prayer evolved as I was writing my latest project, Your Creative Dharma

I developed it as a mantra to support what I was teaching about affirmations and spiritual connection. 

But with divine synchronicity, it was also a perfectly-timed prayer for the challenges I was facing during the creative process. 

I’ve since adopted it as my go-to prayer for almost any situation.

I believe grace resolves anything. 

And this affirmative prayer helps us allow divine grace to reach us where we are, overcoming whatever human struggles we believe are in the way.

Peace and joy are then restored, naturally. 

PS If you’d like to explore more material inspired by Your Creative Dharma, I’m putting together a collection of pinnable affirmations and mindset mantras here

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