Clarity Quiz for blocked creativity

Discover your particular creative block & your tailor-made remedies…

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Would you like to…

Identify your current creative challenge or your biggest creative block

Know which next steps would help you get moving with your creative goals and dreams

 Receive 30 daily doses of insight, inspiration and encouragement and support from the greatest creative minds – designed to remedy your particular creative blocks and struggles

Welcome to the Clarity Quiz for blocked creativity

A rapid remedy for creative blocks & feelings of stuckness. 

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Take the free clarity quiz to discover which type of blocked creativity is holding you back. 

You’ll also receive your tailor-made Mastermind Remedy, plus an invitation to a free email series designed specifically for your particular creative challenge.

“Awareness is a powerful catalyst for change.”

~ Cheryl Richardson

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Step 1. Take the Clarity Quiz.

With a few yes and no answers, you can find out – in seconds – precisely what you are struggling with in your creative work or life.

Step 2. Receive clarity.

Enjoy some soul-soothing clarity on where you are in the creative process, and what will help you get back into flow.


Step 3. Enjoy support.

Receive 30 days of virtual support from the world’s greatest creative minds – gems of insight carefully selected to inspire and encourage you at this stage in your creative journey.

30 daily doses of creative wisdom from the world’s greatest minds.

Your Remedy Series includes a month of daily doses of creative wisdom, insight and inspiration from great creative minds such as…

Julia Cameron,  Elizabeth Gilbert,  Deepak Chopra,  Marie Forleo,  Twyla Tharp,  Thich Nhat Hanh,  Gay Hendricks,  Joseph Campbell,  Maya Fiennes,  Sharon Salzberg,  Ernest Hemingway,  John Cleese,  Marc Zegans,  Jonathan Fields,  Stephen Hawking,  Danielle LaPorte,  Virginia Woolf,  Linda Sivertsen,  David Allen,  Mike Dooley,  Epictetus,  Eric Maisel,  Bertrand Russell,  Arianna Huffington,  Brendon Burchard,  Sonia Choquette,  Gabrielle Bernstein,  Anodea Judith,  Lion Goodman,  Tama J Kieves,  Russell Simmons,  Abraham Maslow,  Anatole France,  Seth Godin,  Steven Pressfield,  Anaïs Nin + more…

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– designed just for you.

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