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#19 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit email series: Pamela Slim


I’ve got another dose of creative vitamins for you – to keep you and your muse in tip top shape.

Yes, it’s time for this week’s Creativity Quote…

Pamela slim body of work creativity quote

The picture above shows the very first copies of my very first book. (That was a thrill!)

Being semi-autobiographical, my book quite literally told my story, or at least the tale of my biggest challenge at the time. (Happily I have since conquered my domestic demons…)

But whatever we create – whether it’s a painting, a novel, a lyric or a photograph – our personalities, our values and our uniqueness all shine through. 

Obviously no single creation can tell the whole story. We humans are far too complex, changeable and multifaceted to be summed up by a piece of work, however great. 

But all the subtle decisions made during the creative process leave clues, they reflect the heart and mind of the creator. 

This is why we can feel so vulnerable and exposed when we create. We’re baring our souls and presenting them to be judged. (It’s no wonder that criticism can sting so much.)

But it seems that the more of our story we put into the work, the more powerful and inspiring the work tends to be. And it’s these honest, authentic and heart-driven creations that also tend to be the most long-lasting. 

So we’re not just telling our story, we’re creating a legacy.body of work pamela slim

This idea of legacy – building a meaningful body of work – is what Pamela Slim’s new book is about.

Body of Work is where I spotted this week’s quote and it’s an inspiring read.

Pamela has an interesting story herself, from community projects in Columbia, to teaching martial arts, to coaching entrepreneurs and becoming an author.  

This eclectic career path has resulted in a unique blend of experience and knowledge, which Pamela shares in her book. It’s a collection of practical tips and strategies for building a body of work to be proud of.

So if you feel called to tell your story, or if you like the idea of leaving a glorious body of work as a legacy, then I highly recommend Pam’s book. 

She also has some brilliant advice on the creative process – especially how to deal with the inevitable fears and self-doubts that seem to lurk at every turn. 

(It’s certainly not for the feint-hearted – this creative life…)  

Till next week!

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