A quick tip for connecting with your creative intuition

(Aka: your muse)

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Your Creative Intuition

Today I have a quick tip for you, if you’d like a stronger awareness of your creative intuition, that ever-present supportive power of inspiration in your life.

There are two words that I’ve noticed are a tell-tale sign that creative intuition / divine guidance are at play, or as I call it: the handiwork of the muse.

What are these two revealing words?

Just happened.

As in…

I just happened to notice that book which turned out to be an answer to my prayers. 

I just happened to overhear that really helpful tip about the issue I was struggling with. 

I just happened to call in to see my old friend just as they throwing out exactly what I’ve been looking for! 

These so-called random happenings aren’t random. And the fact that you noticed them or they appeared in your life is not mere chance.

They are a result of how you’ve been priming your creative mind – the realm of the muse – and she is responding with subtle nudges and seeming coincidences.

This is how she works!


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Inspired Living

When you begin to notice these Muse Clues, and even look out for them with expectation, you begin to live life differently.

You enjoy more synchronicities, increased ‘good luck’ and things just happening to work out in your favour.

Your muse also has a wonderful sense of humour, so there are plenty of playful touches along the way.

It’s a fun way to live. 🙂


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So, if you’d like to boost your connection to the amazing forces of your creative mind, (aka your muse), set the intention to notice the next time you think or say that something ‘just happened’. 

And then consider how that could have been the muse at play, how you may have unwittingly given her some instructions to guide and assist you.  

Have fun! And I’d love to hear how you get on. 🙂 

PS And if you’re wondering Who is the Muse? or how you can enjoy a closer relationship with your creative intuition, the resources below are designed to help you with precisely that…
Because everything is so much easier when you’re inspired.
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Your creative spirit is whispering to you…

Can you hear it?

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Simple. Powerful. Fun.

The way creativity should be. 

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