The Nature of Ideas

(To take off!) 

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The 3rd & final instalment of my Bespoke Easter Gifting Season!

The nature of creative ideas

Before heading off for my Easter celebrations, I have a short and inspiring story to share with you…

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about the Nature of Ideas. 

Because my studies of the creative process had revealed something intriguing – and inspiring – about the way plans and projects can start to take on an energy all of their own.

Which is helpful! 

Particularly if you have big goals that you want to bring to life.

For creatives especially, learning how to harness these curiously helpful forces can make light work of even the grandest visions and dreams.

And today I’d love to inspire you to notice – and tap into – the helpful nature of ideas to take off and gain momentum, so that they reach a point where you can relax a little, knowing that you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Imagine that…

Feel-good delegation

It’s a good feeling when you realise you can lean back a bit as your idea starts to move forward under its own steam. 

If you’d like a real-life demonstration of this, my recent Easter offer is a perfect example. 

  It started with a vague idea to do an Easter Special… 

Which blossomed into my new bespoke gift service… 

Which inspired the Creative Well Open Weekend…

Which led to the latest development – the inclusion of my web design and marketing support services.

This is how ideas can grow, if we let them.

This is the creative power of focus, something I’ve been studying deeply over the last year.

(More details below, if you’d like the scoop on those life-enhancing insights.)

If this type of co-creation appeals to you, if you’d like to learn just how obliging a creative focus can be, you can access the full Nature of Ideas article as a taster sample from the Creative Faith Collection.

And I highly recommend taking a look, because…

There’s a caveat to this theory. 

There’s something that we humans do that can get in the way of the process. 

But once you know how to avoid the potential blocks, you can start to access the easy-breezy magic that kicks in when you turn your powerful creative focus to the projects that matter to you.

As a bonus incentive, it also helps you to enjoy more self-belief and confidence in your abilities to make things happen, which is a pretty nice side effect.

(In fact, given the role that faith plays in our success, this belief-boost may actually be the greatest gift of all.)

So I hope you’ll add this powerful mindset shift to your toolkit – you can get all the details here.

And I’d love to hear about the ideas that take off for you when you use it! 

Wishing you a healthy, happy and creative week ahead,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS In case you missed it, the third and final instalment of my Easter gifts is that I’m including my web design and marketing support service in the mix. 

So, if you’d like a tailor-made Easter gift set that will help you enjoy more progress with your marketing goals or finally get that website up and running, you can find out more about my practical support for creatives over on my Pepper White business page. 

Then all you need to do is email me your Wish List and I’ll put together a You-perfect Easter gift package for you. 

There’s more info here if you’d like to know what else could be included in your bespoke package.

And you still have a couple more days to browse the course collection in the Creative Well Open Weekend.

So, if now is a good time for this, I can’t wait to hear what your ideal gift combo will be!


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“Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out.” 


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