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Hello Flow Practice #2 : Upgrade. Enjoy. Repeat.

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It’s time for a rolling programme of upgrades.

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Hello Flow Practice #2 is to begin a new rolling programme of upgrades in all and any aspect of your life. 

That’s it! 

And in the spirit of strengthening your connection with your inner senses, aim to be guided by what feels good or right to you. 

Maybe you have been tolerating less than ideal standards for a while – and we all do, for various reasons – but with just a little attention and intention, you’ll soon begin to get a sense of what you would most like to uplevel in your life, or an inspiring place to begin this new practice. 

Upgrades, self-image and resistance

How can a programme of upgrades help with tackling invisible blocks and inner resistance?

With many types of resistance, we don’t do certain things because of our subconscious belief systems. One of the most powerful of these belief systems is our identity, our self-image – the way we see ourselves, the type of person we believe ourselves to be. 

For example, if we don’t believe we are capable of something, we are more likely to resist attempting to achieve it. Or if we don’t believe we are worthy of something, we will block it from coming into our lives. 

Often these identities play out below our conscious level, we may not even notice our beliefs around certain topics because they’re so natural to us or so deeply ingrained. But very often, these are just stories we have adopted and taken as true, when in fact, other beliefs are available. 

This explains why two people can take the same actions and get varying results. Things like expectation, confidence, trust, belief and a sense of deservingness all play a part in our results, and these aspects are shaped by our self-image. 

With this new practice of regular and ongoing upgrades, we are gradually reshaping a new self-image, one that matches the vision of life and version of us that we want to experience. 

Upgrades boost our self-image, and the ripple effects of that play out in lots of delightful and beneficial ways. 


The places we spend our time, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the people we listen to, the films and books we pay attention to in our spare time, these all inform how we see ourselves.

This summary of who we are and how we live, this is our self image, and the self image we have today is the culmination of a lifetime or experiences and decisions and thoughts.

Why is this important?

Because we create our lives from this foundation.

Our self image is one of the most influential aspects of what actions we will take (or won’t), who we will choose to spend our time with, what we deserve, what we will strive for, and so much more. 

If you’d like to explore this idea about self image, I highly recommend the book Pyschocybernetics, by Dr Maxwell Maltz. (Details below.) 

But all you need to know for now is that a rolling programme of upgrades is going to work wonders for your self image! 

And your upgrades need not be expensive, they may even be completely free and based more on choices and standards than purchases.

For example, you may decide that upgrading your evening viewing choices would be good for your nervous system, sleep life and inner calm, so you may simply stop watching violent or distressing TV shows and films.

There is little doubt that this choice, this new standard of protecting your inner world from unnecessary or unpleasant influences will have ripple effects across your life. 

This is a powerful upgrade, and yet it costs nothing other than a little mental energy to consider and commit to your new standard.


These processes are going to usher in positive changes. Many of these will be subtle and gradual, and in the meantime, we have an opportunity to prepare the ground for the new uplevelled, liberated, elevated and freer-flowing version of you.

Practice #2 is all about that.

But not only will it prepare you for the new Hello Flow version of you that’s emerging, it will also accelerate the process – in delightful ways.

This supports the intention behind all my work – to help you enjoy the journey, as well as the results.

And the beauty of this philosophy is that in enjoying the journey more, the destination begins to move towards you!

It’s all part of aligning with the flow of success, so feel free to delight in your new upgrades as much as possible. 🙂


Remember that this is a practice, so it’s not just about sitting down once and thinking about what you’d like to upgrade.

This is a rolling programme – for life! So, there’s really no rush or urgency, it’s an ongoing intention rather than a one-off exercise. 

It’s also a mindset shift.

For example, the next time an opportunity arises for you to upgrade something, you can check in with your new Upgrade Mindset intention and see if it’s a good fit.

It may not be the right time, but it also may actually be the perfect time – something you might not have realised if you hadn’t had your Upgrade radar so finely honed.

So, as part of this new rolling programme and life practice, the first step is to set up a list of areas to consider, and then to keep adding to it –  and ticking things off!

The idea is to keep upgrading, all the time, as a continual intention. 

One powerful way to build up this new mindset is to have a regular upgrade exercise.

Perhaps you might decide that every weekend, you’ll make a little positive change or improvement in your home? 

Or you may have a monthly intention to upgrade your beauty regime, self-care products, or your diet and nutrition?

Or you might adopt a morning practice that asks the question: how can I upgrade my mindset today?

Tune into what feels exciting or inspiring to you, and trust that your enthusiasm and joy will be the perfect guides. This alone can help to pave the way for more of your innate creative spirit to flow

Upgrades with beneficial ripple effects

While upgrades in any area will have lovely ripple effects that show up in surprising  ways, there are some aspects of your life and work that will be particularly beneficial and create more powerful or rapid shifts.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but see if you can think of the areas that will give you the most uplevel-boost for your efforts.

Air quality
Diet staples, eg cooking oil, bread, wine
Your clothes, (especially underwear or nightwear)
Physical fitness
Financial order

Imagine how a gradual,  joyful and doable rolling programme of upgrades across all these are would impact that all-important self image! 

And feel free to consider even more aspects of your life that you feel would be particularly beneficial to you. 

“We deserve everything in our lives
to be beautiful.”



If you’d like to learn more about the effectiveness of this practice, and some of the theories and science behind it, take a look at whichever of these resources appeal to you. 

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Links to Amazon & Audible are affiliate links which may generate a commission, at no cost to you.


Many of the Hello Flow practices are based on energy-clearing work.

To help facilitate these processes, as well as to keep yourself well and happy during the course, make sure you care for your body and nurture your wellbeing with these simple practices. 

Always choose what you feel is right and appropriate for you. Monitor how they help you and adjust as you discover more about what works well.

Don’t worry about doing them all every single day, just aim to practice some form of self care as often as you can, with the intention of doing better and better each day. 


Drink the right amount of water for your body, daily.

A habit of sipping good quality water during the day will help you stay hydrated, focused and clear.


Lie on the floor or ground for a couple of minutes daily.

This will help you stay grounded and connected to your physical body and this wonderful planet.

(Instead of getting lost in over-thinking or feeling spaced out.) 


See if you can increase the amount of sleep or rest you enjoy daily.

This will help your body, mind and energy fields process this work optimally and integrate the benefits more quickly. 



As this work is energy work, moving your physical body can help to keep the energy flows moving and allow emotions to be cleared more easily. 

Choose your favourite way to move your amazing body, as often as you like.

Daily is good, hourly would be fantastic. 

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