“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. 

Seek the path that demands your whole being.” 

~ Rumi


Your Creative Dharma : The life and career sweet-spot of expression, purpose, success and joy.

In the rich and fascinating world of archetypes…

…my particular blend is Seeker, Sage, Teacher. 

In my life and my work, this looks like;

• a drive to find a better way to live

• a calling to study and analyse and experiment

• a strong desire to share what I learn

Seeker. Sage. Teacher.

Over the last 13 years, the adventure that has been calling me most strongly is the search for what I’ve come to call my Creative Dharma – the sweet spot of creativity, purpose, success and joy, 

I have been obsessed with this idea, studying both theory and practice from many varied angles – analysing the paths and attitudes of great minds and successful creatives, and then experimenting with my findings in my own life and my coaching work. 

And I have learned A LOT!

On a personal level, my findings have led me to a blend of work that fulfils me, brings me joy, and allows me to help the people I most love to help – other purpose-driven creative souls.

This work has become a guiding force on what feels like an upward spiral of success, opportunity and alignment with my unique gifts and talents. 

The more I follow this work, the more success, good fortune and the right kind of people find me

It’s like this sweet spot is a magnet to the life I want to live and the work I most want to do.

Which is nice!

But as wonderful as this journey has been for me, it’s not enough for me to just enjoy it. 

I need to share it. 

My Teacher archetype is loud and clear :

I need to share what I’ve learned that can help other creatives enjoy their sweet spot of success, purpose and joyful expression. 

And this is the core material of my new course; Your Creative Dharma. 


5-Week Online Course + 1:1 Email Coaching 

What we’ll cover: 

• The 4-Pillars of Your Creative Dharma

• My 5 Fs Formula for living in dharma

• Purpose clarity – getting clear on your unique contribution

• Wealth consciousness – making peace with money and commerce

• Spiritual connection – a belief system that supports your life

• Embracing ease and flow – which can be surprisingly tricky!

• The essential role of joy

• The tools and strategies that help you move closer to your Creative Dharma sweet spot.

• Bonus training: How to be luckier

My Intention for our 5 weeks together :

To share all I’ve learned – customised to where you are right now

to help you align with the career and expression that is uniquely perfect for you

(and all the lovely ripple effects that follow…) 



5-Week Online Course + 1:1 Email Coaching



MAY 1 – JUNE 5



5 x Core Materials, delivered weekly

1:1 coaching (via email) – customised to individual requirements

Unlimited email support for 5 weeks

Check-Ins and accountability as preferred

Group & community (subject to demand)


• More clarity and peace around career and direction

• More creative expression and enjoyment of the process

• Increased creative confidence

• Increased alignment with your strengths, gifts and talents

• A heightened sense of being in the flow of life (more luck, good fortune and things going well)

• Feeling more fulfilled and relaxed about purpose and contribution (You don’t need to know your purpose!)

Got questions?

Here are some answers to questions you may have…


Can email support really make a difference?

From my years of studying the creative process, I’ve learned that written correspondence can be a powerful mode of coaching for all kinds of creative people, not just writers.

Click here to discover more about the benefits of email coaching, why it works and why I love it.

Or click here to hear why my clients love it, too.

I'm not really sure what 'dharma' means!

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that has a number of definitions, but for the purpose of this course, we’re using the term to reflect a sweet spot of creative success, where your unique blend of gifts and talents combines with your purpose, your joy and your ultimate success. 

We’ll be discovering more about the term dharma during the programme but I’ve also written a short ebook to explain all about it, as well as my journey to finding my own Creative Dharma. 

You can download the ebook here. 

What's the refund policy?

This is a private, 1:1 coaching programme, and as such payments are non-refundable.

I invest a great deal of my time, focus and attention in this service, so I want to work with people who are also prepared to commit to the process.

If you’re not sure you’re ready for this level of support, or whether I’m the right coach for you, please explore my blog and free resources to learn more about creativity coaching and my particular coaching philosophy.

Will there be a group or community element?

TBC! This is a question I’m hoping to answer with my Beta clients – I want to learn if/how a group element can enhance this process, and what would be the most inspiring and supportive way to offer it. 

So, the answer at the moment is; there may be a group element, if there is enough demand. 

I just have a couple of questions...

I’d love to hear them! Please feel free to email me.

Investing in support can be a big step, so I’m more than happy to answer any queries you may have.


5-Week 1:1 Email Coaching Programme



MAY 1 – JUNE 5



... because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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