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#28 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit email series: Maya Fiennes

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Welcome to another dose of wordy wisdom to keep your creative spirits up. 

I’m always on the lookout for inspiring ideas to ease the bumpy creative journey and quite often these appear from outside of the creative industry. 

This week’s gem comes from the beautiful world of yoga, in particular from the multi-talented yogini extraordinaire, Maya Fiennes; 

Maya Fiennes Creativity Quote


I find this idea such a soul-soothing reminder that being creative is our natural state. 
As humans, we are innately creative, we are born with more creative potential than we could ever use. 
So why don’t we always feel creative? Why do we sometimes find it hard to express our creative self, or to ‘get in the zone’? 
It’s not because of what’s missing – not a single one of us lacks creative ability. 
It’s because of what we’ve allowed to get in the way. 
Blocks, in other words. (Ever experienced those…?) 
So to enjoy a happier creative flow, maybe we just need to get curious about what’s stopping our natural genius from shining through. Maybe we just need to explore and discover what’s getting in the way. 
Admittedly this is not always easy! (Which is why I’m an advocate for getting support 🙂 ) 
But I find this idea much more encouraging than the prospect of not being creative enough, or being no good at creativity. (Which is never the most productive or enjoyable mindset.) 


yoga for real life by maya fiennesMaya’s wise words in this week’s quote come from her book on Kundalini Yoga;  

Yoga for Real Life

In the book, she explores the link between creativity and our chakras, in particular the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra. 

And if you’re intrigued by the idea of working with your chakras to find more creative flow, I’ve written a more in-depth review of Maya’s book here

It’s a gorgeous read – all beautiful pictures, inspiring stories, smoothie recipes and yoga poses to encourage even the weariest soul onto the mat.

And if you’d like to see Maya in action, she demonstrates how yoga can unblock and balance your chakras in her Journey Through The Chakras DVD series – which I’ve also reviewed here. (Can you tell I’m a fan?) 

In fact, the design of this week’s graphic is my homage to the minimalist beauty of Maya’s DVDs. And the orange is a a reflection of the Sacral Chaka – the seat of our creativity. 


So I hope you find this helpful, and that you’ll consider yoga as a tool to enhance your creative flow. 

(It also has the bonus side effect of building the physical health, stamina and mental strength you’ll need to bring your beautiful creative dreams to fruition.)


Wishing you a peaceful and creative week,  



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And now I 1000% believe that healthy, joyful creative expression is essential for true happiness and success.

But, as any creative knows - it's not always an easy path.

So this is where I share what I've learned about finding more flow, more fulfilment and more joy along the way.


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