Wine O’Clock Prayer for celebration, serenity & surrender

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Introducing… My Wine O’Clock Prayer

At first glance, this may seem a little off-topic, yet some of my other prayers have been quite popular, so I thought I’d share one of my favourite proverbs, which I’ve rechristened My Wine O’Clock Prayer.

After a decade or so of experimenting with the spiritual aspect of the creative spirit, I’ve also come to view prayer as a creative power, and a number of great minds in this field have also shared their experience of creativity as a spiritual practice. (Julia Cameron is one of my favourites.)

So, in the interest of harnessing invisible magic of all kinds, here’s one of my go-to prayers, used regularly at the end of the day, accompanied by a glass of wine, and a moment of letting go and letting God.

wine o clock prayer praise the god of all drink the wine

The Story Behind The Prayer

I first heard this phrase when I was binge-watching The Tudors tv series a few years ago. (SO good!)

It was uttered by the character of the Duke of Suffolk, played by Henry Cavill (which may have added to its appeal…).

As soon as I heard it, I knew it was a life philosophy I could get behind.

So, I did a little research to find out where it came from and what it means.

Its origins are a little hazy, but it is generally cited as a French proverb.

Like all prayers and proverbs, we’re free to apply our individual perspective, but if you’d like some suggestions for the original meaning, here are some possible interpretations, from my own musings and the great vault of wisdom, aka the internet.

Possible interpretations


Celebrate life!

Reconnect with the divine.

Give thanks for everything around us.

Pause for a moment of gratitude and wonder.



Enjoy life!

Appreciate what’s good about being alive.

Raise a toast to today’s blessings.

Savour the moment.



Let life be.

Let go.



Stop fighting what is. (Just for a little while.)  

• • • 

So, I hope you enjoy my Wine O’Clock Prayer.

And feel free to adapt to your favourite beverage if you’re not a wine drinker, or if you need to use it more often than wine o’clock.

I believe it has cumulative effects and the benefits deepen over time – I find it much easier to let the world be the world than I did before using this prayer regularly.

Little and often certainly works its magic, over time.

And if you know more about the origins, or have an interpretation you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it.

Cheers & blessings!

danielle raine creativity coach

PS For more divine upgrades to support your creative path, you can access the growing collection of Inspiring Short Prayer For Creatives here.

“Praise the God of all,

drink the wine,

& let the world be the world.”

~ French Proverb

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