a 2 second test for when to invest in yourself creative goals and dreams

I recently invested in support for a creative project that I dream of bringing to life.

Even though I thought the timing wasn’t right…

(Turns out, the timing was perfect.)

Even though I thought it was too expensive…

(Turns out to have been worth double or triple my investment.)

Even though I thought I didn’t really need it…

(Turns out, there was so much more to learn – we don’t know what we don’t know!)

So, was I sure it was the right thing to do?

Not at first. I had lots of doubts and ‘reasons’ to not go for it.

Was it worth it?

1000% yes.

It wasn’t an easy or convenient commitment of both time and money – but it was an investment in me and my creative dream.

And I’m learning that the returns on that devotion are the surest and most rewarding. 


{ The right support can feel amazing! }

 A 2-Second test for when to invest 

So, if you also feel called to invest in a vision or project that’s tugging at your soul, here’s my test for whether to invest:

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and tune into how you feel about the opportunity…

Slightly scared + inexplicably drawn to it + feels exciting  = go for it.

That’s it! 

The secret is to trust yourself, and to believe in your creative dreams.* 

If it’s calling you, if the idea of it makes you smile, there’s a reason – even if it also makes you nervous.

Looking back, it will all make sense.

The tricky bit is taking the leap.

(Turns out, it gets easier the more you do it. :-))

Good luck!

danielle raine creativity coach

* If you need help in trusting yourself and believing in yourself – and we all do! – I designed this free ebook to help you:

A Creative’s Guide to Keeping the Faith

Or if you feel called to invest in more tailored, 1:1 support, Creativity Coaching may be for you.

More details below!

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“I want to do it because I want to do it.” 

~ Amelia Earhart


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