Wondering what’s holding you back?

Here’s the answer…

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What’s stopping you?

A couple of years ago, I created an email story series called What’s Stopping You?

Since then, I’ve wanted to share this story with so many readers and clients, that I decided to bring this short-&-sweet Dickens-style serialisation to the blog, so you can access the answers much more quickly. 

This three-act tale is designed to help you discover what’s stopping you from going for those amazing creative dreams that you keep thinking about.

It’s inspired by what happened to me over the course of 2020, and how the things I learned can help you go for your own visions and goals with that all-important gusto.    

So, if you’ve been wondering what’s been holding you back and you’re ready to discover the answer, this short story will reveal all.

Like many of the classic plots, it’s a story of three parts, and here’s Part I of my little tale that began almost ten years ago in the driver’s seat of my beloved Mini Cooper…

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{ Mum Taxi Life… }

What’s holding you back?

Part I: The Case of The Missing Gusto

One sunny afternoon in 2013, I was sitting in my car waiting for my son to finish one of his many sporting activities so I could get back home to my desk and the work I had planned for the afternoon.

While waiting, I was happily reading my new book, Leveraging The Universe, by Mike Dooley, the ever-inspiring creator of the Notes from the Universe series.

Being a fan of the Notes, I wasn’t surprised that I was enjoying his book – until I read a line that sent me into something of an existential tailspin.

Up to that point, I’d been working hard to figure out my life purpose and the work I believed I was here on this planet to carry out – the unique gifts I was here to share – and I had felt that I’d found my calling and knew the general direction of my dharma.

But this one line in the book had me questioning everything I thought I knew.

Because, in the book, Mike casually mentioned that if you knew what you wanted to be doing, you’d be doing it with gusto! 

This caused such confusion in me because I felt I did know what I was meant to be doing, and yet… I certainly wasn’t going for it with gusto.

Why was that?

And why did this elusive gusto matter anyway?

Back then in 2013, I didn’t know the answers to these questions.

But now I do.

And if you’ve ever wondered why you might not be going after your own dreams with gusto – or even why this mysterious Gusto Factor is so important – I’ll be sharing more clues in our next exciting instalment…

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The Mysterious Gusto Factor

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