What is dharma wealth?

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If you google What is dharma?, you’ll soon see that it’s a complicated concept with a huge variety of definitions and meanings.

Some say it’s a cosmic law of order and right action.

While others say it’s the inherent nature of our being.

It seems that dharma, like many spiritual concepts, is too big an idea to be contained in one definition.

But which one is right?

With the many schools of thought behind this idea, perhaps there is no ‘right’, perhaps there’s only the definition that resonates with us as individuals.

Maybe we’re each meant to explore and interpret – and even offer – our own insights on the principle?

deepak chopra audiobook the seven spiritual laws of successThe version of dharma that most resonates with me is the one I discovered in Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. 

In this classic book, Deepak explored the Law of Dharma, which is the idea that we each have a unique and important role to play in the world, one that gives rise to a ‘spontaneous flow of wealth’ – and it’s this definition that inspired the concept of Dharma Wealth.


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What is Dharma Wealth? 

According to the the Law of Dharma in Deepak’s book:

“Expressing your talents to fulfill needs creates unlimited wealth and abundance.”

This sweet spot – where we are joyfully doing the work we love that matches the needs of our fellow humans – is the ‘spark that creates affluence’.

Our unique and perfect combination of expression, joy, and purpose leads to our highest success.

(As a lifelong creative and advocate for creative living, I LOVE that joyful expression is a vital part of this magic formula. 🙂 )

As we live ‘in dharma’, prosperity is inevitable.

Or as I like to put it in my ebook, The Joy of Dharma – success is automagic.


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Automagic success

Automagic is a quirky modern word for an ancient idea – that it’s possible to live in a state of flow/faith/karma where your desires flow to you, effortlessly.

This principle of spontaneous, inevitable, automatic success – occurs in a number of spiritual systems.

For example, one of the most famous lines from the Christian Gospel of Matthew is; Seek ye first the kingdom of God, which ends with the promise; and all these things shall be added unto you.

This is not the only biblical reference to the idea that – under certain conditions – all our needs and desires will be spontaneously met.

In the book The Diamond Cutter, the authors quote from ancient Buddhist scriptures that promise positive results coming about all by themselves.

And as Deepak says in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, when we live in accordance with these success laws, ‘there is no way you will not have access to unlimited abundance’.

Combining this idea of automagic success with the beautiful concept of living in dharma is the way to create what I call Dharma Wealth, ie the rich streams of good fortune that spontaneously flow to us as we live and work in dharma, in joyful expression and purpose. 


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My own Dharma Wealth results

Last year, I began creating an online course to help others discover the joys of living and working in dharma.

My intention was to share what I’d learned from studying this concept of dharma for over a decade.

I also knew that by teaching what I needed to learn, I would enjoy an even deeper understanding of one of my favourite topics.

However, as a happy side-effect, my income quadrupled within 3 months of completing the course!

Since then, not only has my life been richly blessed financially, I have also discovered new levels of flow and abundance of all kinds.  (One of my favourite side-effects is a profound trust and faith in the nature of life and its support.)

By studying this concept of dharma and aligning with the sweet spot, I now enjoy:

More ease. Life just ‘magically’ goes more smoothly.

More good luck . Happy coincidences and serendipities are a daily occurrence, and they appear with a playfulness that adds a delightful magic to life.

More inner calm and a peaceful confidence. Or as I like to call it: calmfidence.

And, just as Deepak promised: wealth spontaneously flows.


“When your creative expressions match the need of your fellow humans, then wealth spontaneously flows…”

~ Deepak Chopra

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That’s what I call Dharma Wealth.

If you’d like to know more about my dharma studies and journey, I wrote a short ebook all about it. (It’s free.)

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And if you’d like to explore your own Dharma Zone Sweet Spot – where your wealth spontaneously flows –  Your Creative Dharma online course is designed to help you do precisely that. (More details below)

Wishing you success, fulfilment and a life of joyful creative expression.


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