What is dharma?

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What is the definition of dharma?

This beautiful concept of dharma is my current obsession – but what does dharma mean?

Dharma is an ancient Sanskrit term with a variety of definitions.

These include ‘right way of living’ (Hinduism), ‘cosmic law and order’ (Buddhism), and ‘path of righteousness’ (Sikhism).

The common theme through all these definitions is an idea of a certain way of living and being that is aligned with the Grand Plan for humanity.

what is dharma definition hinduism buddhism sikhism sanskrit

What does it mean to follow your dharma?

It’s not necessary to follow or belong to a particular religion or ethos to believe in this principle of optimum living and alignment.

The definition that first led me this idea – and the one that inspired me to incorporate it into my life on a personal level and design Your Creative Dharma to help others do the same – simply relates to our unique calling in life.

For me, dharma in a career sense is the unique blend of activities that leads to the most fulfilment, success and joyful expression.

I first discovered the concept of The Law of Dharma in the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

According to Deepak;

When we are ‘in dharma’, we are using our unique creative talents in a joyful way that most serves the world and leads to the most success.

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An inspired definition of dharma

The definition I’ve shared in this post is my take on the teachings of dharma that I’ve stumbled across in my studies of this beautiful spiritual concept and this summary is an extract from a short guide I wrote on the topic called The Joy of Dharma for Creatives.

If you’re intrigued by this idea of aligning with the career and expression that is uniquely perfect for you, I explore it more deeply in my short ebook; The Joy of Dharma for Creatives – available below. 

It’s free.

(You can read the story behind this ebook – and my dharma journey – in this blog post.)

So, if this soul-soothing concept of dharma strikes a chord with you, please help yourself to a copy:

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What is your dharma?

If you sign up for the Joy of Dharma ebook, you’ll also receive news and info for Your Creative Dharma – the online course I’ve designed to support soul-seeking creative people in this important and powerful work.

And I would love to hear your experience of dharma and what has drawn you to this inspiring Sanskrit word.

Maybe you’re already living and loving your creative dharma!?

If so, I would love to hear about your journey.

Wishing you a happy and creative week,

PS If you feel called to this vision of doing the work that you love, the work that you’re meant for – would you like to know what your worklife looks and feels like when you do?!

This blog post reveals what you can look forward to after you discover your dharma: 

dharma phases from career confusion to the pursuit of excellence

Dharma phases:
From career confusion
to the pursuit of excellence

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what is dharma deepak chopra law of dharma quote
joy-of-dharma-free ebook for creatives cover diamond
what is dharma definition hinduism buddhism sikhism sanskrit


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