What is creativity? (& How to make it easier.)

This Eric Maisel quote is #24 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit / Creativity Quotes series – which you may be excited to hear is now available as a book. 🙂 

(More details below.) 

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What is creativity?

It’s time for another dose of creative wisdom to inspire you in your adventures.

And here’s this week’s offering, which explores the perennial question of curious minds: What is creativity?

Here’s an insight from my original creativity coaching mentor, Eric Maisel.  

what is creativity Eric Maisel creativity quote

An inspiring definition of creativity

I truly believe that every human being on the planet is creative – or at least has the potential to be.

And I love how this quote from Eric Maisel defines what is means to become ‘a creative’, and answers the question of What is creativity? with the idea that it’s simply a decision to do something meaningful.

This quote is from one of Eric’s many great books that I’m currently reading called Become A Creativity Coach Now! 

It’s available to everyone on Amazon but I received my copy as part of a course I’m taking with Eric who is the undoubted pioneer of creativity coaching.

He is an absolute fount of knowledge on the creative process (my pet topic), and I’m training with him to tap into his many years of doing this work.

I want to improve my skills in helping lovely creatives and the inevitable struggles we face, because I’ve recently decided to do more one-to-one work.

This has lead to my brand-spanking-sparkly-new Holistic Creativity Coaching service.

It’s a collection of 1:1 online coaching programmes programmes and hybrid coaching courses where I share all my hard-won wisdom, and guide clients to finding more joy, fun and ease with their creative work – there are more details here if this sounds like the kind of support and inspiration you could use: Creativity Coaching

And to help you discover the power and magic of creativity coaching, here’s a review of Eric’s insightful book…  

what is creativity become a creativity coach now eric maisel book cover

Become A Creativity Coach Now – Book Review

Even though the book is aimed at people training to become creativity coaches, it’s packed with insightful tips and solutions for anyone brave enough to play in the realm of creative endeavours.

So it can be used as a manual for self-coaching – i.e. learning how to support yourself through the inevitable doubts and creative wobbles. And I’m certainly learning a huge amount to help with my own creative projects.

The struggles of finding time, space, clarity, confidence, perseverance and support are common to all of us on a creative journey – whatever the discipline. (Including coaches!)

And the tips that Eric shares in reducing or even eliminating these obstacles can make the whole process easier, more enjoyable and more successful.

(Can you see why I’m a fan?)

So, I heartily recommend Eric’s book, even if you have no interest in becoming a creativity coach.

And of course, if you ever feel the need for a virtual cheerleader / mentor / sounding board, I’d love to support you more individually on the bumpy road to your creative dreams.

Wishing you a smooth and creative week,

PS I was so inspired by Eric’s compilation of insights that I’ve now created my own collection of self-coaching tips for creatives

Details below if you’d like to know more about my field guide for creative living

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• You want to learn more about my holistic approach and all its lovely benefits

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