What happens when you pay more attention to your creative spirit?

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This post is for you if recent weeks/months have been less than ideal, and you’re wondering what needs to change.

Allow me to share with you a curious phenomenon that might hold the key to any shifts you’ve been seeking… 

Caution: May cause side-effects

A few years ago, I began including a Caution with my coaching Info Packs.

Because I’d noticed a number of unexpected side-effects repeatedly occurring with my clients after we began working together.

The pattern of these side-effects has become so clear over the last few years, that I’m no longer surprised when clients report back to me with these unexpected outcomes.

And what are these side-effects?

What are the unexpected results of creativity coaching?

A whole range of positive shifts

From physical healing to relationship harmony to out-of-the-blue career success. 

Distinct side-effects that even other people notice.

As soon as my clients just begin to pay some devoted attention to their creative spirit, they experience shifts and breakthroughs in a range of different areas of their lives.

These are the unexpected results of making a commitment to your creative life.

It’s the curious magic that first got me into this work, and I’ve seen it over and over again with my clients.

There’s something about paying attention to our creative spirit that sparks beneficial ripple effects across our whole lives.

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Creative spirit = catalyst for energetic shifts

While I’ve worked hard to improve my skills and toolkit over the years, I can’t take full credit for these magical side-effects.

I know that it’s the power of aligned creative expression – it shifts things.

When we take steps towards our next level of creativity and expressing our unique gifts, we’re rewarded in ways we could never have expected.

It’s an energetic upgrade.

And it ripples out across other aspects such as health, relationships, career, purpose and feelings of joie de vivre

This phenomenon has become such a regular result in my coaching that I recently wondered if this initial boost alone could be a beneficial service.

I wondered if this magical effect was all that was required to help some clients see inspiring shifts and delightful ripple effects.

I wondered if a short intensive could harness this energetic shift and provide a kind of reboot for flagging creative spirits.

So, I got to work and created a new offering, using my new Virtual Workshop format that’s been working so well.

After a couple of days of prepping and creating, I’d put together a programme that can help you to experience this curious and wonderful phenomenon for yourself.



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A virtual workshop designed to kick-start an inspiring new energy and a range of positive shifts.

Discover your Reboot Benefits

If you’re craving some positive shifts ASAP…

If you feel the need to spark a new energy in your life…

If you’d love to enjoy the upward spiral of happy benefits that are unleashed when you prioritise your creative self, you can find more details here.

You don’t need a specific agenda, you don’t need to have a project in mind, you don’t need clarity, confidence or an Action Plan.

You just need to feel ready for a reboot. 

All that’s required to tap into this magic is a week of supported focus on your creative self, and I can virtually guarantee that you’ll see some exciting and surprising shifts.

So, if you could use a Creative Reboot, and you’d like to discover how this curious effect will play out for you, I’d love to partner with you in this 1:1 virtual workshop.

If you can imagine your current life infused with a breath of fresh, energising air that uplifts your spirit and ignites your creative spark – this is what I’m here to help you with. 

And it would be my honour and joy to support your breakthroughs – I’m excited to see what your side-effects will be! 

Wishing you an inspiring and restorative week ahead,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If you’ve been in my world for a while, you’ll know what a new programme means…

A crazy-good Intro Rate! 

But to make it even more of a gift for your creative spirit, you also get to choose any course from Creative Well to support your newly rebooted creative fire. 

Given that the Intro Rate is the same price as my signature courses, it could equate to a week of my devoted focus and coaching for free! 

And not to spoil the surprise, but if you’d also like to learn how to become a kind of Success Magnet, there may be bonus goodies to help with that… 

The Intro Rate is available to the end of October or until the first 5 places are filled – so if this feels like a Yes! for your soul, you can secure your spot here

And I look forward to guiding you in unleashing your Reboot Magic!  


“When I finally committed, everything took off.”


Are you ready for shifts?!

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Caution: May cause magical side-effects

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