Welcome to your Occupation: Soul Work experience!

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Hello and welcome! 

Thank you for choosing me as your coach for the important focus of finding your Soul Work.

I’m both delighted and honoured to be supporting you over the coming weeks.

I hope my expertise and attention will help you enjoy the results you’re seeking – and some lovely surprise side-effects too.

(Magic happens when you pay more attention to your soul!)

In preparation for our work together, please email me (from the email account you’d like to use for our time together) with answers to these 3 questions:

1 : What is the minimum you would like to achieve during our work together?

2 : What would be a great outcome or result?

3 : What would be OMG-amazing-dream-come-true?  

You may like to take your time with these questions, and really ponder what matters most to you.

Or you may prefer to reply with your initial instinctive responses.

Either way is perfect, so choose what feels most inspiring to you.

When I receive your email, I’ll get back in touch with the details of our work together.

And in the meantime, I invite you to take a deep breath and embrace a new feeling of relaxation and support.

Because you now have an experienced ally in your corner. 🙂

I look forward to our partnership and an inspiring Occupation: Soul Work experience.

danielle raine creativity coach

PS In honour of the step you’ve just taken – I also have your first piece of homework…

You’ve made an inspiring decision to invest in you and your soul’s unique path and purpose, and that deserves a celebration.

So your homework is to treat yourself to some kind of celebratory fun – whatever feels exciting or delightful for you – and to congratulate yourself for taking steps to uplevel your success and happiness in your career, and beyond.

Here’s to you!

And I would LOVE to hear how you celebrate. 🙂

In the meantime…

creative well online creativity courses home page

As part of your mentorship experience, you’ll receive complimentary access to one of my courses over in Creative Well. 

So in preparation for our work together, you might like to see which of the topics appeals to you the most. 

This could help you choose your focus for our 1:1 work together by discovering what’s a priority for you right now. 

You can browse all the courses here. 

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