Welcome to Creative Diamond

Welcome to an amazing year.

I am deeply honoured to be your guide and coach in the months ahead.  

Thank you for trusting me to support you over the next year. 

I am so thrilled to share all I’ve learned about living creatively and well.

And I’m also deeply impressed by your commitment to your creativity – applauding and celebrating you! 

You probably have some questions about the details and format for the months ahead, and I’m here to answer all of them. 

But first, I have three questions for you; 

What are you hoping to achieve or experience from your Creative Diamond focus? 

Why are these important to you? 

What would be even better?

Feel free to take your time with these questions, but when you’re ready to share them, please email me your responses at danielle @ danielleraine.com.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about your vision! 

And I’m delighted to be supporting you over the year ahead. 

It’s going to be magical – I promise. 🙂 


danielle raine creativity coach
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...because healthy, happy & inspired creatives uplift the world. 

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