Uplifting & empowering mindset games for grown ups

Uplifting empowering mindset games for grown ups

The empowered mindset

I’ve been wondering lately about the best ways I can help people feel more uplifted, empowered and inspired, and I keep receiving the nudge to share whatever is helping me.

So, as a dutiful follower of my guidance, I have a little something for you today that I hope will provide some light relief, as well as shifting any low energy to a more positive place.

But even though today’s goodies are disguised as fun games and tasks, they are actually very powerful tools.

Because something that has been an enormous comfort and support to me in recent weeks is my awareness of just how much power we do have to affect our experience.

We may not be able to control the larger world events or other people, but…

• We do have the power to shift our focus to solutions rather than problems.

• We do have the power to make a difference in small ways.

• We do have the power to protect our attention.

• We do have the power to control our emotions. (Some of the time!)

• We do have the power to refuse fretful imaginings and to picture positive outcomes, even in the midst of challenges.

• And we do have the power to respond in healthy ways that serve us and our loved ones.

Admittedly, these things are not easy!

But I’ve learned, through trial and error and continued experimentation, that they can be done.

And mastering these abilities, even just a little, can make a HUGE difference to how we experience life, whatever is going on around us.

They will help us to #keepcalmandcarryon. 🙂

Then we can play an empowered role in the much-needed solutions.

So, if you’d like to explore these powers, I designed the games in Your Creative Dharma Prep Zone to help kick-start the magic.

And since I would love everyone to have access to these mighty little mindset tools, I am making the Prep Zone open and freely available to all.


empowering mindset games from your creative dharma online course for purpose driven creatives prep zone

Uplifting & empowering mindset games

So, if you’d like to enjoy a little light relief, explore tools for positivity, empowerment and peace, or even just take a peek inside the world of Your Creative Dharma, you can get more details and access here:
I hope you enjoy the Prep Zone!  

Please feel free to share this resource with anyone you know who might benefit from it.

And if you have any tips or tools that are helping you right now, I would love to hear all about them.

Wishing you a wealth of wellness and wellbeing,

PS One of the tools in the Prep Zone is one of my favourites to use with my private coaching clients. 
Those who embrace it always see positive shifts – and fast.
It really is surprisingly effective! So, I hope you’ll have a play. 🙂 

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