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– for any creatives with a house to keep…

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Up antidote to down

With apologies to Shakespeare:

Housework is neither good nor bad,
but feeling makes it so. 

When housework blues are a problem, the source of our angst is not the work, as such – it’s how we feel about it. There are people who aren’t troubled by their domestic workload. (It’s true!) Some even enjoy it – and there is certainly something soothing and comforting about restoring order or bringing back the shine.

But if housework is not your thing, yet it’s very firmly on your plate – it can get you down.

So, until we can reduce or delegate the drudgework, there’s one type of essential maintenance work that we can’t afford to neglect…

I’ve previously explored the importance of looking after body and mind, in keeping us fit and up to the challenge. But if we find our schedule demoralising, depressing or soul-destroying, then it’s our spirit that needs some attention.

Until we can escape the work that saps our spirit, we need to ensure that we redress the balance. We need to actively restore our flagging spirits. We need to feed our soul.

When life gets us down, we need to respond with what lifts us up.

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So, how do we do that?

Easy! Just do something that you love to do. Every day.

It needn’t take long or cost much. All that’s required is a little attention to whatever lifts your spirits.

Think about what that could be for you. Even better, make a list – either a mental note or pen on paper, or do it digitally, if you prefer.

Think of all the things that make you say, aaaaahhhhhh. The things that make your shoulders drop. The things that make you smile. The things that make you sigh with relief and relaxation.

Here are a few examples:

      • having plenty of time
      • beautiful interiors
      • fresh flowers
      • fresh air
      • sunshine
      • laughter
      • music
      • nature
      • animals
      • children
      • friends
      • your favourite book/blog/magazine
      • your favourite drink
      • having a meal cooked for you
      • a change of scenery
      • a clean and tidy home
      • lighting a candle
      • cuddling your little ones (or big ones)

I could go on all day, but you get the idea.

So, your homework this week, should you choose to accept it, is to make your list of what soothes and delights you. Your soul food. Your Ups.

Then pursue them!

You need no other reason than they make you feel good. Revived. Ready to resume your post with a smile.

You probably do this already, to some extent. Maybe it’s a restorative glass of wine after a busy day, or a bubble bath, or dinner with friends.

When we feel the need for these things, that’s our spirit calling. And it’s in our best interests to listen.

But we can do more than just indulge in the odd treat. With just a little thought, we can be more alert to when we need these soul vitamins.

We can be more conscious in making time for them, before it all gets too much (and more drastic measures are needed).

We can make lifting our spirit a daily habit, like our morning cuppa or evening meal.

Among the round of daily busywork, this could turn out to be the most effective and meaningful task of all.

Of course, we can still take steps to reduce what bothers us, but until we find the solutions (more on that coming up!), we need to refresh the life force that keeps us going when the going get tough.

It is, after all, what makes the going worthwhile.

As human spirit expert, Sonia Choquette, says;


So what does yours need? And can you do it today?



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