How to turn ideas into reality (Twyla Tharp quote)

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This Twyla Tharp quote is #9 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit / Creativity Quotes series – which you may be excited to hear is now available as a book. 🙂 

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It’s time for another nugget of inspired wisdom to add fuel to your creative fire.

This week’s gem is from renowned choreographer, Twyla Tharp;

Twyla Tharp quote on creativity big ideas small ideas
This quote is taken from Twyla’s book;

Twyla Tharp book the creative habit

The Creative habit 

It’s such a good read if you’re interested in the creative process or could use some encouragement during the inevitable wobbles and doubts. 

Although Twyla’s philosophy was built around the world of dance, the principles she shares are relevant for any creative profession or pursuit. 

For example, her advice in the quote above is just as applicable to writing or painting as it is to the composition of music and dance.

(And something I personally need to remember, being a Big Ideas person who struggles with the more mundane practical tasks….)

So, I hope you find this helpful in whatever Big Ideas you’re working on this week!

Till next time,

PS If you’re a bookish type (like me) and you’d like more from this inspiring series for creative souls, you can now get the entire collection in book form. 

So you can keep by your side a ready supply of uplifting quotes, tips and ideas for those days when your creative spirit needs a little booster.  (And we ALL have those days…) 

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