Tried & Trusted : Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

belkin qode ultimate keyboard case ipad air 2

A short review of my Qode Ultimate keyboard case – and why I love it so much. 

After many visits to my local apple store to play with seriously research the new iPad Pro, with its fancy soft-touch smart keyboard that was such a joy to type on – I decided it would be a worthwhile investment in my work and my writing and I should definitely get one. 

But I kept thinking how I had a perfectly fine iPad Air 2 that did pretty much everything I need and was light and portable enough for me to enjoy my beloved garden writing sessions...

Eventually, it dawned on me that all I was really craving was the keyboard case! 

So why not, I wondered, see if I could get myself a nice keyboard case for the iPad I’ve already got and save myself hundreds of pounds?! 

After lots of research online, I finally chose the Belkin Qode Ultimate. 

I opted for this one because I’ve had Belkin products before and I know they’re well-made. They also have excellent Customer Service, which I really value. 

I also liked the look of it. Aesthetics are also vitally important, especially in a device I’ll use daily. 

So, I ordered it and waited, hoping and hoping that it would be as lovely to type on as the one I’d been playing with in the apple store…

ipad air 2 Belkin qode ultimate keyboard case review in use on sofa
I was not disappointed. In fact, I think I prefer this one. 

I love it. It has transformed my writing life and how I use my iPad. 

Win #1: I write more often and more easily – no more lugging bulky laptops and cables into the garden. 

Win #2: I spend less time at my desk, which was one on my recent health goals. 

Win #3: It does an excellent job of protecting my ipad and screen. (I tend to take it everywhere.) 

It also has a really long battery life – you can find all the full techy-specs here, if that’s your thing. 

belkin qode ultimate keyboard case cover and beautiful packinging
So, if you’re looking for an iPad keyboard case, I would definitely recommend Belkin in general and this case in particular. 

Available from Amazon. (See sidebar for my affiliate policy.)

And I’d love to hear if it has the same magical effects on your creativity! 

belkin qode ultimate keyboard case ipad air 2


After many years of very happy ipad-writing with my trusty Belkin keyboard case, I have since upgraded.

When the Birthday Fairies delivered a beautiful shiny new iPad Pro last year, I treated myself to the Logitech Slim Folio Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Case.

You can read my review on Amazon here, but the short version is: LOVE!!

I now write all day, every day, from my Soft Offices (bed/sofa) or in the garden, and typing on this keyboard case is a joy only my fellow writers would understand. 🙂

It also has a very handy spot for the Apple Pencil – perfect for spontaneous creativity and making notes by hand.

Highly recommended if you have/want an iPad Pro.

As a Creativity Coach, I always urge my clients to invest in the tools that make their writing easier and more enjoyable – in case you’re looking for the nudge to upgrade your own writing setup…


logitech slim folio keyboard case for ipad pro in use garden writing pad pens books copy

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