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  Out now: My rollercoaster ride to becoming a writer. The highs. The lows. The short-cuts.   If you've ever wanted to write a book.... If you'd like to shortcut your learning curve.... If you want to truly believe that it's possible to go from wannabe to successful...

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Writer’s Corner: How to write a book…

…without worrying about getting published.  (And why that's helpful.) What's the main reason for not writing that book you want to write? Is it: A) Lack. (Lack of time. Lack of skill. Lack of money.) B) Fear. (Fear that it won't be any good. Fear that it won't get...

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Writer’s Corner: Expert positioning.

If you’re waiting for that nudge to convince you it’s worth getting your words out into the world, here are a few of the opportunities that have come my way as a result of my books/blogs:    • Opinion pieces for national newspapers  • Consulting on a TV show  • Offers...

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