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{ The first in a new series of Time-Saving Tips for Creatives

Lately I’ve been exploring the idea of time and how it can help or hinder our creative lives.

I’ve got a new free resource coming up – stay tuned if finding time for your creative joys is a challenge for you.

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you one of my favourite insights from the last few years, that not only saves me hours of wasted time, energy and effort every week, it also helps me avoid wasting my money and resources, as well as preventing much unnecessary heartache and frustration.

This insight is one of the many blessings I’ve discovered not from the wins and successes, but from the numerous dead-end detours and failures.

It may have been a hard-won lesson, but I am SO grateful to have learned it now – it’s been transformative for both my creative adventures and my quality of life.

And while I sometimes wonder what my life would look like if I’d discovered this gem sooner, I’m pretty delighted with what I’ve learned and how it enhances my life – so, it’s all good. 🙂

And if I can fast-track your success and happiness with this one simple idea, it will all have been even more worthwhile.

the insight that saves me hours of time every week

The simple and surprising insight
that saves me hours of time every week.

If you’d like to take advantage of the unexpected gift from my many failures, here’s my simple-but-true time-saving insight;

If I don’t fully (or at least, mostly) believe in what I’m doing;

it probably won’t work.

(For me.)

Which means…

I can save all that wasted time and effort by not doing it, and devote my energy and resources to the things I DO believe in, which tend to be much more effective and successful.


I call it The Faith Check-In and it’s based in a repeating pattern that I began to notice over and over again in my creative projects and my business.

Even though, in theory, certain actions are supposed to yield certain results – and they may be working like magic for others – if I’m not fully on board with an idea, the results are disappointing at best and disastrous at worst.

And now that I know this, I’ve massively reduced the number of actions I used to spend my time on – time that turned out to be a waste of effort.

In reality, nothing is a waste of effort as we always learn something, but I’m much happier reverse-engineering my wins to discover what works, rather than dwelling on the things I’ve done wrong.

This idea is based on the power of faith, something that’s been an increasing theme of my work in recent years.

I first wrote about it back in 2015, and you can get the free ebook, How to keep the faith here.

And I dove deeper into the mechanics and magic of faith and belief in Your Creative Dharma.

My latest devotion to this topic is a compilation of resources I call The Creative Faith Collection – some of my favourite tips and tools for cultivating self-belief, confidence and trust. 

Because faith and belief are not things we can generate instantly, and to help you take advantage of my time-saving insight, I invite you to experiment in your own life…


The Faith Check-In

How to avoid wasting time, effort & energy

Part 1:

When you get amazing results, review how you felt about the process and your expectations.

Were you all in? 

Were your heart and soul on board?

See if you can spot the all-important gusto factor.

• • •

Part 2:
And when things don’t play out as well as you’d hoped, see if you can identify just how much you expected them to.

See if there’s a link between your belief in the outcome and your results. 

• • •

Advanced Level:

If you’d like to really tune into the energy behind your actions and motivations, give some thought to how much you truly wanted the result.

For example, if it had turned out well, would you have wanted that process to be the route to success for you?

You might be surprised by your answer, but either way this will help you to get ever clearer on your preferred path to success.

Spotting these patterns for yourself may take time, or you may instantly see what was missing.

Either way, once you know how much faith you need in your efforts to enjoy results, you can confidently bypass anything that doesn’t spark your faith, excitement or curiosity.

Imagine how much time you’d save if you stopped doing all the things that don’t work out well!

This is the Pareto Principle in action – you ditch the 80% of efforts that yield minimal results.

Imagine how much more time you’ll have when you spend less of your precious life units on activities or strategies that won’t work for you, because your heart just wasn’t in them.

I believe that it’s not so much what we do that creates our winning results, but the energy and mindset we bring to the process.

Or as a certain girl band from my youth puts it…

“It ain’t what you do,

it’s the way that you do it.

That’s what gets results.” 

~ Bananarama

I hope you’ll remember this mantra the next time you’re wondering whether to invest your time and energy in something you don’t really believe in.

If you could flash forward to the future,
do you honestly expect it to work? 

Do you even truly want it to work?

Because if it did, you’d probably do keep doing it – and you may subconsciously not want that evidence.

Just something to ponder as you allocate valuable units of hours, days, weeks, months and years – aka, your life.  

creative woman desk notepad computer staring out of window

One other lovely advantage of this time-saving tip is that it could also save you a huge amount of frustration, bitterness, disappointment or anger.

Obviously, this is a happy outcome for anyone, but if you’re interested in Human Design, you’ll know that unpleasant feelings around failed attempts can be the enemy of success, progress, productivity and joy.

So, I hope this quick Faith Check-In helps you to save much more of your precious time, creative energy and resources for the things you can fully get behind.

Because that seems to be when the magic happens. 🙂

I would love to hear how you get on!

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PS If you’d like to learn more about what I learned from years of lacklustre results, I share the lessons and the all-important remedy in this short story. 

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