Feeling stuck, blocked or confused?

This is for you…

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What is The Spectrum of Creative Stuckness?

It’s a flow chart.


It’s a sanity-saver for creatives.


It’s the culmination of my 20-year study of the creative process.


It’s my gift to you.

To keep.


So, whenever you are troubled by the gremlins of creative stuckness, you can refer to the flow chart for a quick-&-easy dose of comforting clarity and soul-soothing solutions.

With a few yes and no answers, you can find out

– in seconds

precisely what you are struggling with in your creative work or life.

Why is this helpful?

Because identifying the problem is half the solution.

When you know what you’re dealing with, you’re in a much stronger position to know what to do next.

And clarity is so much more fun than confusion. 

And then?

Not only can you find some lovely clarity in the source of your stuckness, the chart also provides you with…

the relevant remedy.

Because not all blocks are created equal.

So you need the right tool for the job.


This will save you many a frazzled wobble or frantic tantrum, wondering what on earth the problem is and where to start to fix it.

These remedies are based on my coaching toolkit – my matrix of solutions, tips and tricks to help you get back into creative flow.

And once you know the remedy, you can get busy with the solution and move past that pesky creative stuckness.

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So get ready to relax and discover a new phase of support and solution in your creative adventures.

Here’s to you!

danielle raine creativity coach


… because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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