What happens when you have

a single-page blueprint

of what truly matters to you…?


A 5-day mini-ecourse to help you enjoy more clarity, productivity and focus.

(And the lovely inner calm and confidence that follow…)

Welcome to The Rudder Board – my new tool designed to help if you ever feel confused, over-inspired, or overwhelmed with choices on your creative path.

Or if you’re a renaissance soul, multi-potentialite or multi-passionate creative who is craving focus and those all-important finishing skills… 

I made this for you. 

Well, actually…

…I designed The Rudder Board originally for myself.

I needed something tangible to check in with whenever I felt overwhelmed with choices or confused about decisions. (Which seemed to be happening more often.)

So I created a process that results in a single page guide of my goals, vision, values and purpose – a kind of blueprint for what really matters.

And I love having my Rudder Board to turn to – it helps me let go of the angst of wondering if I’m focusing on the right thing.

But I know I’m not alone in my creative quandaries.

So, now I’ve created a mini ecourse to help you create your own Rudder Board.

The Rudder Board email course.

  5 days.

 • 5 guided tasks.

  5 steps to more soul-soothing clarity, focus and purpose.

A simple map for success and happiness – as defined by you. 

(So you can relax and enjoy the calm and confidence of feeling on track and aligned with what matters to you.)

At the end of the 5-day Rudder Board process you will have:

A single page you can return to whenever you feel the need to check back in and see which way to go.

A guide to help you know when to persevere and when to course correct.

A touchstone for staying on track and making decisions that align with your vision for your life.

Feeling lost and rudderless is really not fun – and it’s so time-consuming!

Time that could be so much better spent creating what you love to create, making a success of that beloved work or simply enjoying a fulfilled and happy quality of life.

10 Reasons to love your new Rudder Board clarity

Easier decision-making.
Your Rudder Board is like an instant hit of clarity.
When you can quickly check in with your purpose and values, it’s so much easier to make decisions.

• • •

Better time management and productivity.
We can’t prioritise what matters if we don’t know what that is.
Having a clear blueprint of your Bigger Picture means less time spent dithering in dilemmas.

• • •

Your life, your way.
Your Rudder Board helps you naturally align your life with what matters to you and express more of your creative potential.
And doing more of what you love is good for your happiness, fulfilment and health.

• • •

Inner calm.
Knowing what we should be working on or what we really want to be doing creates such a lovely peace of mind.
(As a double benefit – this peace of mind is magnetic to the good life, as well as the muse.)

• • •

Living on purpose.
When you have a clear guide that includes your purpose, it’s easier to stay on track, and focus on your unique work in the world.
Instead of feeling out of sync, rudderless, or that something is missing, you feel valuable, needed and fulfilled.

Enjoying the journey.
No more feeling guilty – if it’s on your Rudder Board, you know it’s right for you, so you can relax and enjoy spending time on it.

• • •

Keeping it simple in a world of overwhelming choices is a recipe for a more sane and happy life.

• • •

More faith in your own judgement.
You don’t need to constantly ask others what to do, or endlessly seek more experts for the answers.

• • •

Energy & motivation.
Clarity is energising and motivating, it’s fuel for getting more done and moving us closer to the life we want to live.

• • •

When you know you’re on the right track, you feel clear and ready to go for it – and to keep going for it.
This makes a HUGE difference, not only to what actions you take, but to how you feel about the process – and yourself.

We are happier when we know what we’re doing.

Passion is the wind in your sails.

Practicality is the rudder.

You need both to get where you’re going.

~ Danielle LaPorte

Begin your 5-day journey to more soul-soothing clarity…

The Rudder Board : self-study online course

A 5-day sequence of guided tasks.

Your daily emails will walk you through a simple step-by-step (overhwhelm-avoiding) process – just one question each day for 5 days.

And in less than a week – you’ll have your own Rudder Board, your own blueprint, map and guide for what matters to you.

So you can enjoy more focus and productivity and the lovely ripple effects of inner calm, confidence and clarity.

To access the course, click the SIGN UP button to pay via PayPal.

You’ll immediately receive a link to access your course materials.

Or if you have any questions, please feel free to email me – I’m happy to help.

rudder board cover small

PRICE: £22


Pay securely via PayPal to sign up and receive instant access to your Rudder Board materials.

“It was extremely helpful to put all my ideas out on one page and then to work my way down to focusing on one part of one idea.

It also feels great to have my mission statement and the things that make me happy as well as the project I’m currently working on all in one place.

Thank you so much for your insight and for putting together this sweet mini-course.”


In a world of overwhelming choices…

your Rudder Board is a guiding light of simplicity, satisfaction and alignment.

...because healthy, happy & inspired creatives uplift the world. 

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