The creative benefits of trying something new

the creative benefits of trying something new danielle raine creativity blog

{ Book extract from Tonics For Your Creative Spirit

When was the last time you tried something new?

When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary?

When was the last time you altered your daily routine?

If you’d like to enjoy more of the life-enhancing benefits of inspired living, one way to invite more creativity is to try new things.

Creativity is, by definition, the act of producing something new, something original, something different, something that wasn’t there before.

Creativity, literally, creates ‘newness’. And a lovely quirk of the creative process is that the reverse is also true: novelty sparks creativity.

So, one way of waking up sleepy or neglected creative muscles is to explore and embrace the new.

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Time for something new? 

A handy feature of our marvellous brains is that they soon adapt to our everyday routines and surroundings.

This prevents us from being inundated with information or getting overwhelmed by all the stimuli around us. It helps us to process the world in a manageable way.

However, this also means that, after a while, we stop noticing our everyday reality and our usual surroundings. We settle into repeated routines and habits that can lull us into running on auto-pilot.

But we’re not inspired by things we’ve done so many times before that we no longer even notice them.

Creativity lives in the more exciting realm of the new, the undiscovered, the unseen, the not-yet-experienced, and the un-lived potential.

So, if you feel it’s time to reawaken your creative senses…

If you’d like to reactivate the curiosity and wonder that are the hallmarks of your genius mind…

If you want to rediscover the joy of being alive on this planet with billions of new things to try…

Shake it up a little!

Ask yourself; What could I do differently today?

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Even just small changes can create subtle but powerful shifts. Maybe you could try a new route to work.

Or maybe you could flip your morning routine, doing the same tasks but in a different order. (That’ll wake you up!)

Perhaps you could go for a walk somewhere you’ve never been before.
Or if you’re feeling bold, sign up for a class in that new pastime you keep thinking you’d like to try.

Maybe you could try a new food or restaurant – go vegan for lunch, or Lebanese for dinner.

Don’t worry about whether you’ll stick with it or not. The point is to just try something new, purely for the creative benefits of exploring new experiences.

By trying something – anything – new or different, you literally create new neural pathways in your brain.

So, simply trying something new is a creative act!

And as you expand your experiences and wake up your senses, you become more attuned to your creative powers and more open to the ever-present source of inspiration.

“The world is the springboard.” 

~ Rick Jarow

Remember, you are creative.

We all are. We all have unlimited access to an unlimited realm of creative ideas, new thought, innovations, solutions, inspiration and genius insights.

Accessing this realm isn’t only for the poets and artists of the world. It’s available to us all. It’s available to anyone who has or will develop their creative muscles.

Being able to think creatively – to create new ideas, solutions or pieces of work – is just a mental muscle that we can all cultivate.

You can strengthen your creativity the same way you strengthen any muscle – the more you use it and work it, the stronger it becomes.

And a fun, quick and easy way to ignite your creativity is to shake things up a little, to wake up and notice the world around you, on a regular basis.

Trying something new, shaking up your routine will help to rouse your innate and ever-present creative senses.

So, what will you choose?

What will you try?

What piques your curiosity?

What have you always said you’d love to begin or explore?

Choose one idea that appeals to you. Make a decision to try it today, or at least to consider it, to think about how you could maybe do it sometime soon.

Then go for it!

And if you’d like to double up on the creative benefits, choose something fun. Joy, delight, playfulness, light-heartedness – these energies are also great for revitalising your creative spirit.

So, have fun playing with this idea of shaking things up a little.

Then get ready to notice the exciting little shifts that appear as your creative spark wakes up…

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