The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving

A Blueprint for Cocreation & Manifesting

What happens when you combine a lifelong obsession with creativity with decades of cocreation studies? 

A new formula for manifestation. 

Designed for creatives.

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If you’ve been grappling with an issue for years, or you feel completely stuck in one area of your life, this is for you.


Understanding = progress + peace of mind

A 5am Epiphany & A Magic Formula

I’ve long been fascinated with the creative process in its most well-known format, ie the creativity of the arts and the practical process of bringing creative projects to life.

And it wasn’t long before I combined this focus with a lifelong love of ideas and philosophy and questioning how the world really works.

As a result, I’ve spent the last couple of decades studying and experimenting with what I call The Ultimate Creative Project – ie life.

Aka: how to manifest the results we want to see.

Intentional Creation, or more accurately Co-creation.

Because we’re all manifesting and co-creating all the time, but I’ve learned that there is a skill and artistry around creating the results we want to see, feel and enjoy, rather than being at the mercy of fate and our current circumstances.

I wasn’t planning to wrap up all my learnings on cocreation this year – it’s still a work-in-progress on many levels, though I imagine it always will be.

Yet, I was woken early one morning this week feeling a strong sense that it was time for a new shift in my work, and within minutes a new idea arrived. (Thank you, muse!)

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SINCE 1993

This new idea began in the usual way, just an inkling that felt a little different to the usual thought loops, so I mused over it for a while, and – as ideas have a habit of doing – it began to grow and blossom into a title for a new programme.

After a little more musing and pondering, the details began to take shape.

Even though it was still dark, I went next door to my office and got my phone so I could make some notes about this new idea-ling.

A few minutes later, as I was one-finger-typing the ideas that were coming through thick and fast – a formula appeared on the page.

And it felt like an epiphany. It felt like…

Of course!

Of course this is how it works!

And it’s SO simple!

And fun!

Though, I’ll admit – some aspects are not always easy for those of us conditioned in the ways of the modern world.

Yet, as I pondered the challenges inherent in the process, I knew that I had tools and techniques that could help with the difficult aspects, practices I’ve been honing for a while now.

And, as an advocate of the Teaching What We Need To Learn school of wisdom, I also knew that the best way for me to really grasp this concept was for me to share it with other like-minded creatives.

An Invitation to a Cocreative Adventure

After my latest exciting epiphany, I’m eager to share my breakthrough with my fellow creative seekers.

So I’m looking for willing co-creators who would like to join me in this experiment – to see if my formula works as well for others as it does for me.

Because when I look at the results I’ve enjoyed in the last couple of years – uplevels, progress and improvement in the areas of health, relationships, career, business and inner calm – I can see now how and why they happened.

To paraphrase the late Steve Jobs; we can join the dots when looking back.

So this tale of my early-morning epiphany is, as always, partly a behind-the-scenes reveal of how my creative processes play out, in the hopes that you will enjoy more success and enjoyment within your own creative adventures.

But it’s also an invitation…

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New: Beta Tester Opportunity

I’m looking for a small number of fellow co-creators who would like to discover my new magic formula (and the techniques that support it) – who want to try out my process and share their results.

If you’d like to be part of my first small group of creatives putting this blueprint into practice, you can join the Beta Tester programme here. 

Or if you have any questions, please do ask away – I’m more than happy to help you find the right fit for you.

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The metaphysics of creativity…

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The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving 

A Blueprint for Cocreation & Manifesting


• 4 Weeks of Private Coaching via email

• A Collection of Content Guides

• Lifetime Access to the Online Course

• Prep Work Gifts


Get started with a Taster Experience: 

The Creative Power of Focus (Module 1) 

Discover 13 Good Reasons to be a Beta Tester

I’ve put together a short guide to the (many) benefits of Mastering the Art of Creative Manifestation in general, plus some great reasons to explore this Beta Tester programme in particular.

What’s included?



You receive a month of private coaching via email.

(You can find out more about the benefits of email coaching here)


I have some goodies to share with you before we begin diving into the core material.


I'll be creating some guides to support you in the techniques required to make the most of this cocreation formula.


As a Beta Tester, you'll receive Lifetime Access to the future versions of this programme when it's converted into an online course.


When does this programme begin?

The programme has already begun for my first Beta Testers and the Welcome Material is accessible immediately after signing up.

For the private coaching aspect, my original plan was to complete the first round before the end of the year, but this project has morphed into something much broader and deeper than I'd anticipated. (I may be a little obsessed with this topic... 🙂 )

So, I've extended the private coaching support for Beta Testers into the New Year. 

There is Prep Work available before the coaching begins, and you'll receive access to these as soon as you sign up, so that you can get busy with some foundational principles that will support the core content and coaching.

Please get in touch if you have any queries about start dates or timescales.

What's the benefit of 1:1 support?

If you’ve read any theories on manifestation, you may have wondered how they can apply to your own life, you may even have tried them out, and I’m guessing you got mixed results. 

Why is that? 

It’s the nuances.

Beyond the formulas and theories, there are unique variations that will crop up for you that may not be covered in the more general material. 

This is where 1:1 support is worth its weight in gold. 

You can try something out and then you can ask, But how can this work for me in this particular situation?  - and you can receive an answer tailored to your exact circumstances. 

This is how we really learn, through practice and application, so we can see our own results which convince us of what really works. 

1:1 support is the realm of these all-important nuances, which is why I'm running this Beta Tester programme. 

The Q&A coaching support and guidance is also one of my favourite things to do. 🙂 

Why do you charge for the Beta Tester version?

As part of this Beta Tester programme, I'll be guiding you personally through the process over the course of a month. 

This is 1:1 coaching, with unlimited email support - because I'm invested in helping you enjoy the results you are craving the most. 

As I will be so invested in this work, and because I know the value of what I can share even without this formula, I want to work with Beta Testers who are also invested in the process.

This is why there's a fee for this support programme, though it’s a fraction of my usual rate.

And because this is a new area of expertise that's a little different to my usual topics, the Beta rate is even less than my usual Beta rate. 🙂 

Yet I still feel it will be a valuable experience for you and worth every penny.

Because even if you learn nothing about manifesting and cocreation (which you will), you’ll receive support from a fellow creative who has a gift for helping you see things in a new light that will provide a boost of inspiration, energy, enthusiasm, optimism, clarity, confidence and progress.

If you'd like to hear what others say about working with me on a 1:1 basis, you can see reviews and testimonials here. 

What results can I expect?

As we'll be working closely together in this process, you can expect to see inspiring results, irrespective of your experiments with my new formula.

And your results will depend on what you choose to focus on during our month together.

Happily, though, the blueprint I'm working on is universal.

So whether your current goals are related to your creative projects, your career, business, lifestyle or legacy, I'm confident that you'll enjoy some delightful new breakthroughs.

While the material is still a work in progress, you can expect to enjoy some of the following life upgrades;

• Life going your way more of the time

• Seeing more and more things working out well, in your favour

• Less conflict and drama

• More inner calm and quiet confidence in your abilities and your work

• And a new or revitalised relationship with your creative spirit!


What do you need from your Beta Testers?

Because this is 1:1 coaching, we'll be in touch throughout the process, so I'll get to witness your progress and any areas where issues arise - this is such valuable feedback for me, which is why I'm happy to offer the Beta Tester Rate.

I'd also love a testimonial or feedback report after you complete the programme, but this is optional.

My hope is that you'll be so inspired by your results that you'll want to shout about it from the rooftops. 🙂

Do you have a sneak peek or free sample?
I do!

Even though I normally wait until my projects are finished before I share the sneak peeks and free samples, there was one idea that was just too soul-soothing to keep to myself.

If you feel drawn to an empowered, intentional, proactive and creative life, yet you sometimes feel exhausted (or frustrated) by the pressure to ‘make things happen’, this is for you.

You can read this simple reframe here.

I hope it helps you experience more success in your creations, as well as more peace and joy along the way.

What are the Bonuses?

As part of this round of Beta Tester fun, you'll receive complimentary access to some Prep Work Gifts (resources that aren't available to buy) - these will provide a wonderful introduction to this work before we begin. 

And not to spoil the surprise but if you've done any of my programmes before, you'll know that the fun doesn't stop when the programme stops. 🙂 

Additionally, as an exciting new venture for me and my Beta Testers, you'll have the option to join an Affiliate Scheme.

So, true to the spirit of cocreation and partnership, you'll not only get to help shape the programme, you can also make money from a project you helped bring to life. 

If manifesting a new income stream is on your wish list, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Is there a Payment Plan?

There isn’t currently a Payment Plan but if you feel that it would enable you to join the programme, please get in touch as I’m happy to discuss flexible payments. 

What's the refund policy?

As this Beta Tester opportunity is for private coaching, and I invest a great deal of time, attention and devotion in the early stages of our work together, all sales are final.

If you're unsure about my approach or the suitability of this material, please take a look at my blog or my books, or you can always email me with your questions - I'm here to help you make the best decision for you.

How do I get signed up?

If you're excited and ready to join me in the programme, you can either email me to let me know, or you can enroll directly here.

Either way, you'll receive all the links and info you need to access your Welcome Materials, and I'll be in touch to arrange a start date that works well for you.

I look forward to welcoming you to this exciting new programme!

I'm confident that it's going to create some magical and potentially life-changing results all round. 🙂

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The Art of Cocreation…

If you’d like to get a sense of what you can expect, here are some blog posts that explore these cocreative principles and reveal some of the emerging ideas that will be cystallised in my new programme and my exciting new cocreation formula.

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