The Calm of Twixmas

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In the relative calm between the two big celebrations, it’s time to enjoy a rare spell of restorative breathing space. 

Aka: Twixmas. 

As an avid planner and envisioner, I LOVE this time of year. 

The brink of the New Year is the perfect time for checking in with our lives, to see where we’re on track, or to apply the lessons learned over the last twelve months to assist us in aligning the next year more closely with what really matters to us. 

It’s an opportunity to tap into the special energies of this potent time – the closing of a year and the dawn of a new one. 

Author Beth Kempton shared this take on these unusual days;

“A portal to another world seems to open up during these special days.
Everything is quieter, less rushed, more gentle in this secret place.”

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It’s a time for resting, recharging, reviewing and recalibrating.

And if you’d like to access the tools I’ve accumulated over many years of this End-of-Year Review practice, I’ve created a simple step-by-step, day-by-day guide to support you.

It’s designed to help you turn this potent Twixmas period into a virtual retreat that will set you up for your happiest success in the New Year ahead. 

For ten days, I walk you through the simple-yet-powerful practices I use myself every single year, based on decades of studying psychology, coaching and the energetics of joyful living.

Ten days.

Ten simple tools.

Ten steps to designing a sparkling 2022 – on your terms.

The course is based on 5 days of Review Tools, followed by 5 days of Renew Tools – which makes this period the ultimate time for this process, blending the end-of-year assessments with the new year planning.

There are full details here, if you feel called to devote this time to an enjoyable and inspiring virtual retreat.

I’ll be doing the process myself, as I do every year, and I would love to join my best intentions with yours as we map out some exciting visions for our creative paths. ?

And since you also receive access to my new Success Magnet Formula, you can confidently look forward to uplevelled results across all aspects of your life over the next twelve months, and beyond.

However you love to spend these Twixmas Times, I hope you find peace, gratitude and blessings in your farewells to 2021, as well as excitement, hope and confidence for 2022.

Merry Twixmas!

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PS Review & Renew is included in the Creative Well All Access VIP Pass.

So if you’d love to start your 2022 with my entire suite of creativity courses, you can treat yourself to that gift here.

And as a special New Year bonus, I’ll be including something extra this week which may well open up some exciting new possibilities for your 2022…

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This is for you if…

• You’d like to take some time to assess where you are,
what you’ve achieved, and where you want to go next

• You’d like some support in boosting your confidence,
clarity and inner calm

• You’d love to feel more positive about the past
and more inspired about the future

Hi! I'm Danielle.

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