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The Book Flow Experience

Helping creative entrepreneurs write their first business-boosting book…

…& enjoy the process.

You want to write a book.

More than that, you want to write a great book.

And maybe even… enjoy the process?

The Book Flow Experience is a new private coaching support system.

Designed to help you leave behind struggles of joyless force and soulless discipline, helping you experience more ease and flow in your book creation journey.

Because you know that enjoying the process will pave the way for your best work.

The business-boosting book that you’re ready to share with the world.

Danielle Raine Creative mentor

Hi! I’m Danielle

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SINCE 1993

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The Book Flow Experience

1:1 Creativity Coaching for Writers

A bespoke coaching and support system, designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs who want to write their first book.


Did you know that you can design your life to support your writing, so the words flow more easily and more often?

Tap into decades of writing experience & creativity coaching expertise to write your book, do it well, and enjoy the journey.

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Are you ready start enjoying your book-writing process? 

The Book Flow Experience



the book flow experience banner

“Stay loyal to your creativity because it is a gift.”


new & improved ways to let creativity flow danielle raine coaching

Holistic support. 

Designed for humans. 

As a passionate advocate for a holistic approach, I’ll be incorporating all I’ve learned from three decades of studying the physical, psychological and energetic aspects that really make a difference.

You can find about more about Holistic Coaching here.

“Not only have I been able to crush a lot of those creative blocks and be more productive, working with Danielle has enhanced every aspect of my life.

It has brought me more energy, more confidence to really keep going, to keep moving toward my goals, toward my vision, toward my dreams.

Rhoda Jordan Shepiro

Actress, author & entrepreneur

“Danielle’s processes are practical and focused, yet they often yield magical, surprising results!” 

Carolyn Sullivan

Singer Songwriter

“I can already feel the uniqueness of the email coaching approach.

It is unlike any coaching I’ve experienced before.

It’s actually very rich and deep.

Kate Johnson

Language Teacher

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