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That Friday Feeling vs TGI Monday?

As we’re heading towards the weekend, I’ve been enjoying that Friday feeling – I LOVE Fridays!

And while I still like to practice my Friday Night Fizz Strategy For Success, I’m currently on an Elimination Diet, so I have to get creative with my tipples… #mocktaillife

But as I was planning some new work projects, feeling excited about not only the fruition of my ideas, but the journey of bringing them to life, I noticed a sudden disappointment that I’d have to wait until Monday to get started on them.

Because I’m a convert to the value of time off at the weekend – how it recharges and restores, as well as giving some vital perspective on workday issues – so Work-free Weekends are the norm for me.

(If you’d like more on the value of rest and work-free time, I recommend The Creative Power of Rest.)

But sometimes, it can be difficult to stay away from my work – I just love it so much!

The last year has seen my work take on a new role in my life.

It feels less like a means of providing for myself and my family, and more like a love affair, a spiritual devotion, or a joyful obsession – much like the hobbies and interests we dove into when we were children and free to do whatever we loved.

And so, as a result of my new flow and happiness in my work and business – I cannot wait for Monday Mornings.

I wake up on Mondays and smile, feeling so grateful that I’ve found my way to here, along the bumpy path that has led to my career sweet spot – my dharma.

And as much as I love and appreciate this life blessing, I want more…

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My mission: That TGI Monday feeling for everyone.

I want everyone to wake up on Monday Mornings and feel the rush of delight as they realise they get to do the work they love.

And while my deepest hope is that this could be the norm for humanity – for people from all walks of life and all types of vocations – I feel that my particular mission is to help those called to the creative life.

Because I believe there’s a triple blessing in that approach.

When creative people do the work they love – everyone wins. 

Their creations delight, inspire and uplift others.

Their joyful expression raises the energy of the planet.

Their satisfaction and fulfilment make them nicer humans, and the ripple effect of that improves the lives of their nearest and dearest, their community, and every single person they come into contact with.

It’s quite a ripple effect!

And it’s one that I believe can have a powerful, positive impact for all of us.

So, that’s why so much of my work is devoted to helping you do the creative work that you love.

In numerology, my numbers add to the Number 9 Life Path, that of the Creative Humanitarian.

And I really do feel that the work I’m doing now is the work I am here to do, born to do, that my life journey to here has been the perfect primer for the body of work I’m creating.

It’s SUCH a great feeling.

And I want this for everyone, starting with the inspiring humans who read my emails and blog posts.

So if you also feel the pull of this way of living and working, if you would LOVE to enjoy that TGI Monday Feeling, you can find out more in the short ebook I wrote called The Joy of Dharma.

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I would love to inspire you to hold this vision for your own creative calling – because magic happens when you do.

You can read more about The Joy of Dharma ebook here – it’s free. 

Or if you’re already living and loving your dharma, I would LOVE to hear about it!!

I’m noticing more and more people in all kinds of jobs and careers who feel so thankful and lucky that they get to do the work they love.

I believe it’s the future for humanity – can you imagine, just for a moment, that world…

And I’d love to hear your take on my vision for global dharma happiness – are you with me?!

Wishing you a restorative and relaxing weekend, so you can bring your own vision to life on Monday Mornings.

danielle raine creativity coach writer designer
danielle raine creativity coach
PS If you’re new to the term dharma, you can get a definition of this beautiful Sanskrit word here – I have been joyfully obsessed with this word and this concept since 2007.

And if you’d like to know what you can look forward to once you find your dharma, I wrote about that brand of career happiness here.

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“Everyone has a dharma, a purpose in life.


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