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View More: http://lisaannephoto.pass.us/broadmoorThis lady is brilliant!

I highly recommend her. xo


Jessica Caver Lindholm

Nicola DepiusJust finished working with this wonderful Creative Coach, Danielle Raine, and I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to beat procrastination and get back to having fun with the creative muse!

Oh, and her pampering programme gives the whole creative process a wonderful kick-start.

Thanks Danielle!

Nicola Depuis, Writer

Carolyn picThe most supportive, low-key yet supportive coaching experience I’ve ever had.

I was definitely led to it by my Muse, because it marries all the things I’ve always believed in, but still need to hear articulated by someone else from time-to-time!

This has been THOROUGHLY enjoyable, from start to finish. And I’ve really been gratified in the past few weeks to experience TANGIBLE results from our work.

I can’t thank you enough.

Carolyn Sullivan, Singer songwriter

Rhoda picNot only have I been able to crush a lot of those creative blocks and be more productive, working with Danielle has enhanced every aspect of my life.

It has brought me more energy, more confidence to really keep going, to keep moving toward my goals, toward my vision, toward my dreams.

Rhoda Jordan, writer + artist

Tracy Ryan Jastrow

I have been working with Danielle for a few weeks now and she has been a great inspiration.

I have somehow managed to fit in time to start painting and journaling without sacrificing time with my family.

Feeling accountable to providing updates to Danielle has made me accountable to myself and my ME time.

Thanks Danielle, you’re lovely! xo

Tracy Ryan Jastrow, intuitiveyogi.com

Rebecca crop

I first became aware of Danielle’s work about 5 years ago and loved her “Make Peace with Housework” book. She has a way of writing as if she’s standing in your kitchen with you, acknowledging how frustrating it is to spend so much time doing mundane tasks. But then she makes encouraging suggestions and observations and, reluctantly or not, you feel you’re getting the message – and it makes sense.

I’ve enjoyed Danielle’s daily inspirational quotes “from the Muse” and at no time did Danielle make me feel that it was about time I paid for some of her generosity in sharing her thoughts, values and inspiration.

Recently, I did decide to take the plunge and it was as if Danielle was sitting next to me as I tried to write. Encouraging, non-judgemental, her (virtual) presence, via e-mail, helped me turn vague musings into written word.

Her suggestions were kind, calm, helpful. Unlike school mistresses from my childhood, she made me feel that, what I had to say was worth saying and she seemed genuinely interested in my writings.

I hope that I’ll take the opportunity to work with Danielle again in the future. She helped me stop assuming that writing had to be hard work, that I had to strain every sinew to produce something worth reading.

I am very glad I happened across Danielle’s book and website. She has given me the confidence to write again. 

Rebecca Court, writer

Mylene Deveau Profile Picture small

I finally believe there is true creativity inside of me, I use it in a way that is significant for me and I actually believe that my skills can be developed, that I can probably stick to it too.

I think it’s wonderful!

I wouldn’t be in touch with my creativity like that and having such a nice summer without all your help!
Mylène Deveau, messy journals

Your skills are VITAL.

You are a creator and you also help untangle other creators.

You know the terrain, and yet you can enter with clarity, strength and no matter how grumpy the person gets, you humour it and lift it higher–essentially saying, i’m not going there with you.

You have every beautiful and wonderful skill to harness this position.

Julie Sergel, Author

Is creativity coaching right for you?


… because happy creatives are good for the planet. 

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