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This Stepping Up quote from Eric Maisel is #27 in my Tonics for Your Creative Spirit / Creativity Quotes series – which you may be excited to hear is now available as a book. 🙂 

(More details below.) 

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On dreaming big, being great & stepping up.

(Don’t worry, I’ll help.)

After the previous epic post in this series (Why marketing is good for creativity), I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

And it’s a newsflash / creativity quote combo – inspired by the idea of stepping  up to our creative dreams.

Allow me to introduce another labour of love, designed for anyone who believes they have a book in them…

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This is a free short course in getting clear, organised and inspired – so you can #writethatbook! (You know the one.)

If you’re ready to get that book out of your head and into the hands of eager readers, you can get full details here:


Free 5-day kick-start course for writers and aspiring authors

Support for stepping up to #writethatbook

To support the lovely #writethatbook energy, I wanted to combine this creativity quote instalment with a brief insight into the difference that expert support and guidance can make. 

So, here – in the eloquent words of my mentor, Eric Maisel – is the gist of what’s in store when you invest in creativity coaching; 

Eric Maisel creativity coaching stepping up quotes

Stepping up, being great, manifesting your potential…

These things aren’t easy!

Which is why I have a ‘radical’ coaching philosophy (I believe we’re meant to enjoy the creative process!) and why I specialise in holistic coaching.

And as a lifelong creative myself, it’s these very challenges that inspired me to setup my creativity coaching service – so that I could share what I’ve learned about rising to these great callings and stepping up to the lives of expression that we know are meant for us. 

So if now’s the time to give your creative dreams a little TLC, you might like to consider the wonderful world of creativity coaching

And if my brand of support feels like your kind of creative heaven, I would be thrilled to (lovingly) nudge you towards that Great Work you know is inside you. 

Wishing you a vital and authentic week,

danielle raine creativity coach

PS If you’d like more practical, doable and holistic tips for creative living, I compiled some of my most popular blog posts in my new book, Tonic For Your Creative Spirit.

It’s packed with self-coaching techniques and helpful insights – like a field guide for creatives who value health, happiness and fulfilment.

You can get more details and a free sample chapter here: 

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