the desire factor book by christy whitman

As an advocate of the creative powers of positive emotions, I found so much to love in the latest book from success coach Christy Whitman. 

It’s both a guide to the cocreative process (my favourite!), and a heartfelt ode to the much misunderstood (and critically judged) power of our innate desires to fuel and guide us. 

I love the idea that our desires are divine breadcrumbs leading us to our best selves, our best work and our best lives. 

Because, as Christy states;  

As we believe, so we create.

~ Christy Whitman

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I bought the audiobook version which is read by the author, and it was lovely to hear Christy’s passion and enthusiasm conveyed in her enjoyable narration. 

Each of the 7 principles was the perfect length for my daily walk, so after a week of inspiring chapters, I’m now enjoying an inspiring new perspective on our Desire Factor, and how we can use it to create more fun, fulfilment and success in our work and lives. 

You can hear a  free sample snippet from Christy and her new book here. 

I highly recommend it if you’ve always sensed, deep down, that you want the unique and special things that you want for a reason. 

Because you do! 

And The Desire Factor will show you how to make peace with any lingering doubts that your heartfelt desires have guiding powers. 

You’ll enjoy The Desire Factor if you:

• have been told that material desires are superficial

• have been judged for what you desires

• are curious about how our desires can guide us

• want to harness the creative fuel of desire

• are interested in the process of cocreation and manifestion

the desire factor book by christy whitman

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